The simple test for great pharma digital communication

Anthill_icon_Blue_19_InteractiveWhat do great life science digital communications look like? Try asking yourself this simple question and see how well your e-detailing and multichannel communications match up.



The simple test for great pharma digital communication

If you’ve switched – or are in the process of switching – to digital communications, you will already have some really good KPIs. Rightly, these will be very specific and detailed. Great job. These are essential. But keep the big picture in mind, too, while you’re setting targets and analyzing performance.

Here’s an objective that will help you get more from your technology and digital content.

It’s digital, but is it really different?

To understand how effectively you are accessing the potential of technology, first ask yourself:

“Could I do this with paper materials?”

For example, if we’re only putting PDFs on an iPad, then this really isn’t that different from simply printing them. It’s still a fixed message going out to everyone.  Not to say that this isn’t a great start, but it is just the first step on our digital journey.

A good way to see how digital our digital communications really are, is to try some follow up questions. There are some things that can only be possible (or just much easier) by applying digital communication technology in the right way:

  • “Do I work at each customer’s speed, or force them to fit my timetable?”
  • “Do I understand each customer better after each sales call?”
  • “Do I respond to each doctor based on what I’ve learned?”

Wherever you are on your journey with digital communications, asking these questions helps you see what step to take next. What’s next for you?

Move ahead on your digital journey

Many companies right now are considering adding multichannel capabilities to their existing e-detailing work. If you are, or are thinking of, taking that step, download our latest e-book. This short overview spells out the advantages and provides inspiration on which channels to connect.

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