Transform your digital content creation process

How to make sure the digital content you create helps you win in the long run.

There’s no golden industry standard when it comes to digital content creation and management. Each pharma company finds its own approach to deal with the challenges, but the main goal remains the same for all – content should be created fast, be easy to localize, and adaptable to ever-changing market demands.

So how to activate your brands and make your digital communication much more agile?

Most effectively you do this via an integrated digital content management platform that allows you to create, activate and deploy multichannel content while supporting rapid localization, deep analytics and custom reporting solutions.

Anthill has embarked on a mission to transform our years of experience helping brands deliver their content around the world into a content creation, adaption, and localization platform that can transform how life sciences creates and delivers content.

Activator from Anthill is a powerful digital content management platform that everyone in the brand or marketing team would be comfortable using. Activator makes the creation, editing and localization of content (e.g. approved emails, slides) less time consuming and more cost effective.

Activator featuresActivator features

Activator is seamlessly integrated into Veeva Vault and that integration allows you to use Vault as your single source of truth. All content is stored in Vault, no external platforms or “publish to vault” steps. No content ever leaves Vault, so every saved change, every imported image, and every update made with Activator is stored directly in Vault. To help ensure content is always current and compliant, Activator allows users to quickly update their content to use the latest approved version of digital assets in Vault and notifies them when new versions of their assets become available.

"Our company has increased digital content creation performance significantly while saving time and budget: a 69% reduction in cost per slide and 37% reduction in hours per slide for master templates"

Head of Multichannel, Global office

If you want to learn more on how integrated digital content management system can help you to manage your digital assets smarter – download our free whitepaper:

Whitepaper: “Content management to achieve growth and improve customer experience”
Activator Whitepaper Preview

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