How to make sure the digital content you create helps you win in the long run?

There’s no golden industry standard when it comes to digital content creation and management. Each pharma company finds its own approach to deal with the challenges, but the main goal remains the same for all – content should be created fast, be easy to localise, and adaptable to ever-changing market demands. ​

Fast – might be not reached easily with digital agencies producing eDetailing presentation for 3 months or more. ​

Easy to localize – might be tricky too. If it takes 3 months minimum to create one eDetailing presentation, localisation takes another month if you are lucky, or longer when you launch a campaign in several countries. ​

Adaptable – is the biggest issue, since to make even a minor change in the presentation text or key message you go back to step #1, with the agency in charge of your content, timing, and budget.

So how can you get out of this enchanted circle and become an owner of your digital assets?

- Think top-down – what are your aspirations for 2021? What campaigns and messaging you would like to launch in the perfect world. Don’t think of what is possible with the resources you own. The ‘not enough’ mindset will narrow down your perspective and stop you from achieving your bigger vision. ​

- Find your source of truth – think about digital tools and digital content platforms on the market. Most of them are integrated already with Veeva or other pharma CRMs, which means you can create, edit, localise, approve and share ready presentations, approved emails, websites from one system. Your content lives in a secure environment, and you have familiar analytics and reporting tools to track performance. ​

- Use modular approach – it doesn’t matter if you decide to upgrade to the digital content management platform or stay with your agency, modular approach will help you to stay agile and reuse your existing content in several marketing campaigns. Think of content like LEGO blocks with which you can create different variations. ​

Here’s a great whitepaper on How modular content makes you more innovative.

If you decide to take step #2 and see how digital content management systems can help you to manage content faster and smarter, check out the video below. ​​

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