QA Automation Engineer

We are seeking a talented Quality Assurance (QA) Automation Engineer to develop test scripts and help define test strategies for our software as a service (SaaS) platform and products. In this role, you will be responsible for analysing the functionality of applications and designing automated tests to validate their performance. You will also be required to collaborate with the SaaS development, UX, Product Delivery and Support teams to ensure that our automated tests have the proper coverage and completeness to meet our commitment to quality releases across client environments.

The QA Automation Engineer role requires a combination of below competences:

  • Solid understanding of business processes: You are able to see how testing plays a key role in the overall development and release process
  • Strategic skills: Ability to think ahead and identify test cases that provide a high level of coverage or value. The ability to help plan a set of test suites that provide critical insights into the performance and correctness of a SaaS application
  • Personal skills: Curious, self-motivated, get things done, flexible and pragmatic
  • Agile skills: Experience in delivering services and products with Agile teams
  • Jira & Confluence skills: Good technical foundation, with familiarity with Jira & Confluence
  • Communication skills: Ability to explain technical aspects of ongoing tasks to stakeholders that do not share the same expertise
  • Digital experience: Familiarity with automated testing frameworks, especially Cypress, and approaches to testing asynchronous or API connected processes
  • Product Experience: Familiarity with testing applications with various modules and workflows

Principal role description:

The QA Automation Engineer works directly with the QA Automation lead and the broader QA team to ensure that our SaaS products have appropriate testing in place to enable a seamless continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) process that captures issues automatically, identifies regressions and enabled the product teams to maintain a high development velocity while controlling the quality of the software.

In this role you will spend the majority of your time developing and deploying test suites as part of the SaaS product development sprints. You will work as part of the agile development process and help design and plan tests against features that are targeted for release. You will spar with the development and Architect teams to identify reusable and modular test strategies that allow the product teams to deliver against the product roadmaps. As part of the broader QA organisation you will contribute your insights into improving the Quality Management System at Anthill and ensuring that as many stakeholders as possible benefit from testing automation.

Key responsibilities:

The QA Automation Engineer will be responsible for work within the areas of Project Delivery, Product Innovation, and Support/Management.

Project Delivery (75% of time):

  • Manages and executes new client onboarding related activities for clients, tracking tasks against a schedule and coordinate with internal staff to ensure goals are met on a timely basis
  • Responsible for managing workload and communicating any blockers or issues as needed
  • Provides ongoing feedback on ways to improve client onboarding success
  • Manage and deliver high-quality projects on budget, time, and to the satisfaction of the client
  • Responsible for project scope, risks, schedule, budget, quality, and communication between clients, 3rd party vendors and internal staff
  • Create and manage project plans, status reports, risk assessment plans, change orders, resource needs etc
  • Anticipate risks and obstacles and address them with the team in a proactive manner
  • Project Management and task allocation for multidisciplinary teams
  • Ability to run both traditional and agile project management methodologies

Product Innovation (10% of time):

  • Support product development providing feedback on issues and client specific insights from customer experience
  • Contribute with knowledge to Innovation Sprint sessions when needed
  • Contribute to evolving service offerings to address current and future customer pain points based on customer insights

Support/Management (5% of time):

  • Build strong relationships within the organization, both within reporting lines, but also across the other departments
  • Ensure efficient and consistent processes and documentation are defined, implemented and maintained
  • Work closely with other core business functions to ensure they are kept up-to-speed with all relevant project details and processes to ensure a high quality and professional output
  • Support the Director of Product Delivery & Platform Services in the unfolding strategic issues

Key responsibilities

  • Identifying cases where test automation provides high-level value to either QA or Development departments in relation to new deployments on the SaaS product
  • Creating automated tests with Cypress
  • Coordinate and plan test automation with internal stakeholders
  • Set automation strategy and collaborate with QA Department to create a corresponding, realistic timeline

Skills and Experience

  • Solid experience with JavaScript
  • Familiarity with automated testing and Cypress
  • Good technical understanding
  • Experience with Jira, Confluence and other Atlassian Suite tools
  • Proactive and self-motivated individual

Level 2: SNR. Employee/Specialist

  1. Project Delivery: Experienced and independent in his/her area; collaborates across teams and can independently achieve set goals
  2. Commercial: No expected to participate in commercial engagements
  3. Product Innovation: Actively and independently contributes to innovation projects in a specialist capacity
  4. Support: Independently contributes to internal projects and management initiatives

People & culture:

The QA Automation Engineer will be part of Anthill’s diverse and international family, and contribute to an openminded, hardworking culture where we not only respect but also celebrate differences and understand their advantages for business and our working environment.

The QA Automation Engineer works closely and respectfully with colleagues from the different Anthill functions, always in the spirit of finding optimal solutions for our clients and improving business for Anthill.

She/he will be a loyal ambassador for Anthill and Anthill’s clients in professional as well as in private situations and spread a positive reputation to attract talent and competent people with an Anthill Human Factor DNA.


To apply send your CV and application to as soon as possible. We will call in for job interviews as we receive relevant applications.