Senior Account Director

Principal role description:

As our new Senior Account Director you will be a key member of the commercial team with a direct report to the Senior VP of Client Accounts. You will be primarily concerned with contributing to the integrated commercial success of your business unit and of the entire  organization. You are expected to possess a combination of strong digital solution selling skills, in-depth pharma marketing knowledge as well as good management skills.  

A Senior Account Director is expected to deliver his/her sales budget, most efforts should therefore be focused on sales generating activities.

The Senior Account Director will be the day to day manager of his/her business unit, hence will work closely with the team members and the assigned CEMs. In addition, he/she will collaborate with all delivery teams, across Strategy, Creative and Tech to make sure all his/her client projects are delivered to the satisfaction of the client.

Besides running his/her business unit, maintaining and growing his/her client accounts, you are expected to take active part in contributing to the development of Anthill’s commercial strategy, position in the market and promotion of the agency.

Key competences:

  • Advanced commercial digital expertise. Understand how new digital technologies can be used in a pharmaceutical setting and applied to new ways of communicating
  • Result driven. Consistently achieving results, even under tough and stressful circumstance
  • Foster a performance driven culture. Creates a performances driven environment for the BU team
  • Agile mind-set: Able to perform in a high growth and de-centralized environment with shifting priorities and issues inherent to a fast-growing organization
  • Problem-solving mind-set. Brings a problem-solving mind-set to any challenging situation
  • Negotiation skills: Strong creative, strategic, analytical, organizational and personal negotiation skills
  • Execution orientated: Ability to design and execute business plans and strategies
  • Leadership skills. Ability to providing direction, inspiration, and guidance
  • Teamwork: Ability to work in teams and share the leadership role in a cross-functional corporation

Key responsibilities:

The Senior Account Director will be responsible for areas within Commercial engagement, Project Delivery, Product innovation and Management support.

Commercial engagement:

  • Seek continuous senior level (VP/C-level) strategic positioning & partnership discussions at existing accounts to understand overall business objectives/ambitions
  • Ensure that customers understand the Anthill positioning and broad offering and how it relates to his/her objectives/ambitions
  • Build and nurture strong relationships with senior stakeholders
  • Negotiate list price and contracts
  • Continuously engaging new business meetings at senior level (VP/C-level, major and/or strategic accounts)
  • Drive/support the development of pitches and new business proposals
  • Manage sales pipeline to ensure accurate and adequate lead inflow to reach targeted sales objectives

Project delivery:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction, making sure projects are delivered on time and quality
  • Ensure success, making sure projects have (the desired) impact/ROI
  • Ensure CEM accountability and team collaboration
  • Ensure adequate/appropriate SME engagement
  • Work to improve the quality of delivery within Commercial

Product innovation:

  • Support product development providing insights on client and market needs
  • Contribute with commercial knowledge to Innovation Sprint sessions when needed


  • Support the Senior VP of Client Accounts in the unfolding the Commercial Strategic Issues
  • Play an active part in the Commercial Management Team with engagement in the relevant cross-functional projects
  • Build strong relationships, both within reporting lines or BU, but also across the other departments

People & culture:

The Senior Account Director will be part of the Anthill diverse and international family, and contribute to a an openminded, hardworking culture, where we not only respect but also celebrate differences and understand the advantages for business and working environment.  He/she will be a loyal ambassador for Anthill and Anthill’s clients in professional as well as in private situations and spread a positive reputation to attract talent and competent people with an Anthill Human Factor DNA.


If you want to know more about the job, please contact Mette Bach Treppendahl by e-mail: