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AI brand image generation

Unlimited HCP and patient images

Overcome budget restrictions and provide HCP and patient images relevant to each local market
Use existing brand assets to generate unlimited additional images that precisely meet local requirements

Fine-tune images for ethnicity, gender, height, weight, clothing and expression
Create images unique to your brand — without licensing issues or expensive photoshoots

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Relevant to every market

Global brands need to communicate using personalized and relevant messaging that connects with audiences in local markets. Yet most brand teams face time and budget limitations that prevent them from meeting this ambition. Marketers are often limited to using a few general pictures to represent people from multiple countries and regions.  

For example, it is not uncommon to use just three images to represent HCPs in over 20 markets. Such a limited image set will often exclude women and cannot account for the cultural, racial, and religious diversity of different regions. These constraints are problematic because your assets appear less relevant — and may even be considered discriminatory and exclusionary.

You can now overcome these limitations with Anthill's image generation services. We use AI technology to provide as many image sets as you require — representing people from any geographic area or ethnicity. And each image can be fine-tuned for specifications such as gender, height, weight, clothing, facial expression, setting, and situation. As a result, where you previously might have had just three HCP images, you now can have 30, 300, or many more.

Unique AI generated images for pharma
Create unique on-brand images

How it works

We use our understanding of your brands' visual language as a starting point and, based on a discussion around your goals, quickly deliver completely new image assets that fit into your existing visual communications.

Anthill has developed custom models, workflows and post-processing steps that allow us to apply generative Al techniques — along with our expertise in life science visual communication — to deliver targeted emotive image libraries at scale.

This approach bypasses the need for expensive photoshoots or time-consuming image library searches. With Anthill's image services, it's easy to get the right images for your brands and bring life to the stories you want to tell.

For example, it may be difficult to find images that convey a specific patient profile in a way that is appropriate for all markets and that meets your brand's identity requirements. Often such images are simply unavailable or they differ wildly in style. But with Anthill's image services, there are no limitations. You can get assets with precisely the right subject matter in a style that matches your brand identity — and have these localised for each market.

How to create new images from existing one
Use existing photography to create new images

Precise image specification

Beyond broad categories such as gender and ethnicity, you can precisely specify image requirements. We can fine-tune assets according to criteria such as age, height, and weight. And facial expression too can be adjusted to meet the needs of different markets or ensure that an image conveys precisely the right mood for a campaign.

Likewise, we can adjust clothing or any objects in an image. In this way, assets can properly represent local clothing styles or correctly show how HCPs dress, e.g. a doctor's 'white coat' might actually be blue or green in some countries. This ability to control for colour also enables you to match brand identity. For example, you can specify images to directly convey brand colours. Or use a colour palette that compliments your brand colours, enabling easy asset creation.

In this way, Anthill's image services enable stronger brand identities. Instead of relying on what is available in image libraries, you can create a unique look that differentiates your brand. For example, you can visually communicate how a treatment improves patient quality of life but avoid cliched scenes or the 'stock image look'. Instead, you can have visually impactful images that tell an engaging story with a style unique to your brand. And you can also guarantee that a competitor isn't using the same picture for their campaigns because your image sets are unique.

Generate images to meet the needs of different markets
Meet the needs of different markets

Adjustable AI-generated image of doctor
Adjust for factors such as age, height and weight

Example of AI generated images
Specify scenes, locations and image style for a unique look

Problem solved

Exclusive: get a set of unique images for your brand identity

Speed: generate hundreds of images in days, not months

Market relevance: specify ethnicity, gender, clothing, and other factors

Value: get large image sets at a fraction of previous costs

Flexibility: fine-tune images for height, weight, and expression

Ownership: avoid rights issues with unique and fully-owned images

Anthill image services

AI technology, combined with Anthill’s understanding of global healthcare marketing requirements, results in impactful brand images that are relevant to all local markets. These assets will be wholly owned by you, with full image rights, and delivered at speed. An initial set of 300 high-resolution images can be provided in just a week or two. We can also liaise with your affiliates to fine-tune pictures and respond to specific requests.

Colleagues are working together on a project
Anthill’s creative team can provide impactful image sets that are relevant to each market

Image set specifications

Agreement on source images, i.e. existing brand photography or generation of entirely new images

Specifications for gender, ethnicity, age, height, and weight

Definition of photographic style, e.g. tone, background, environment

Core photo library

Core set of patient and HCP images

Multiple views and scenes

Clothing and emotion variants

Brand colour theming

Image localisation

Core set of patient and HCP images

Multiple views and scenes

Clothing and emotion variants

Brand colour theming

On-demand imagery

Additional media assets, backgrounds, mood images on request

Specific requirements for facial expression or other factors

How can we help?

Work with Anthill to overcome traditional image limitations in pharma and MedTech. Get unique brand images that are relevant to every market and powerfully tell your brand story.

  • Help me define the image sets specification that my brands require on a global level

  • Provide a set of HCP and patient images with multiple views and scenes

  • Create variations of the images to ensure local market relevancy

  • Liaise with affiliates to further refine image relevancy

  • Create additional media assets, backgrounds, mood images on request

  • Refresh existing brand images, updating with contemporary hair styling and clothing

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Unlock your visual storytelling

Get impactful and market-relevant images that focus audiences on your message.

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