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Anthill Agency provides the digital strategies, content and technologies to better reach and engage healthcare professionals and patients today. We enable healthcare companies globally to deliver high-value omnichannel experiences, leverage the potential of AI for more relevant and personalised communication, and innovate technologies that bring efficiency and speed to your marketing organisation.

Example of digital communication in pharma: eDetailing and Approved Email

Popular services

Omnichannel marketing solutions

Discover how Anthill can orchestrate your channels and content to better engage HCPs in your product story

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Pharma product launches

Partner with Anthill to ensure organisational readiness and an explosive start to your next product launch

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AI content services

Learn how to achieve the high content volumes required for omnichannel by safely leveraging the power of generative AI

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Content excellence

Learn how we can optimise your content supply chain for the digital world — meeting needs today and in the future

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Modular content

Partner with Anthill to implement a modular content approach to reduce content costs and speed asset time-to-market

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Remote detailing

Explore how Anthill enables you to respond to growing HCP preferences for more flexible remote detailing sessions

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Self-service detailing

Discover how to enable HCPs to review your eDetailing presentations and other sales material online at any time

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Approved email

Learn how to empower customer teams to engage HCPs with high-value personalised communication

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eDetailing solutions

Partner with Anthill and engage HCPs with best-in-class eDetailing experiences that provide HCPs with real value

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Website unification

Discover how to unify your total web presence on a single platform for a more efficient and active use of websites

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Veeva agency services

Engage Anthill’s unmatched skills in both Veeva content creation and technical development

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AI brand image generation

Get unique images that precisely match your brands' identities and meet the needs of markets around the world

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AI-generated training videos

Learn how to boost engagement in your internal training materials via AI-generated videos with an avatar presenter

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Self-detailing made easy

Amplify, Anthill's new self-detailing builder, features a visual canvas that enables you to easily create on-demand experiences. Amplify can be quickly learned by anyone — individuals, teams, and agencies.

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Anthill Activator

Fully integrated with Veeva Vault, Anthill Activator speeds content creation, approval, and localisation. It gives you more control — providing better oversight — while empowering affiliates and improving collaboration with agencies.

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How we work

Modern Marketing

We apply our Modern Marketing methodology to every project. This continually improving people-centric process enables sales and marketing collaboration around the customer, is driven by data insights on HCP behaviour, and is agile in execution.

Watch the video to learn how we apply this methodology in our daily work to unlock the potential of digital technology in pharma.

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Increase marketing reach and engagement

Get the marketing strategies, content and software that unlock the potential of digital communication in pharma and MedTech.

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