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As a hybrid of consultancy, agency and software company, Anthill provides the strategies, solutions and systems that realise the potential of digital communications in the life sciences.

Consulting Services
Anthill’s Consulting Services enable you to get the full value from digital communications: providing the strategies, processes and systems that are fundamental to success.
Solution Services
Our Solution Services deliver behaviour-changing communications: storytelling excellence, visual communication, clear UX design, and technical expertise.
Software Services
Our Software Services like Activator make technology easier, faster and cheaper. We simplify and automate tasks, so you can focus on what really matters.

What’s your ambition?

Looking to get more from digital technology in pharma? Work with an experienced partner who understands the technology, the content and the human factors that determine success.

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Some of the ways we can help you

Remote engagement services

Remote engagement

Activate your customer teams with remote engagement tools and content. Enable reps to deliver high quality online experiences in a fully compliant way – with the ease-of-use and flexibility they need to quickly respond to HCPs.

Remote detailing services

Veeva projects services

Veeva projects

Get great results from your Veeva solutions every time. Anthill has unmatched expertise in both Veeva content creation and technical development, with the highest level of certification in Veeva products.

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Brand plan activation image

Brand plan activation

Leverage the full potential of digital technology. We work with global and local teams to ensure your brand strategies are realized in high value customer experiences that reach and motivate HCPs.

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Modular content services

Modular content

Meet the growing demand for digital content. Modular content reduces production costs, speeds time to market, simplifies both LMR approvals and localization – and ensures brand consistency across markets and channels.

Modular content services

Anthill Activator

Anthill Activator

Anthill Activator makes digital content creation easier, faster and more cost effective than ever before. Fully integrated with Veeva Vault, Activator gives you more control from creation through to localization and approval.

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Customer journey creation

Customer journey creation

Connect your channels and content to better engage HCPs in your product story. Enable customer teams to provide high value multichannel customer experiences. Or design self-guided HCP journeys through channels that deliver information 24/7.

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Self-detailing systems

Self-detailing systems

Enable HCPs to review your eDetailing presentations and other sales materials at any time. Anthill’s self-detailing systems make your content available on demand – providing an engaging self-guided experience with explanatory overlays and in-built chatbot brand assistants.

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How we work

Modern Marketing

We apply our Modern Marketing methodology to every project. This continually improving people-centric process enables sales and marketing collaboration around the customer, is driven by data insights on HCP behaviour, and is agile in execution.

Watch the video to learn how we apply this methodology in our daily work to unlock the potential of digital technology in pharma.

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