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Virtual engagement

The self-detailing revolution

Learn how new self-service detailing systems harness the power of AI chat, no-code publishing, and high-quality media — and deliver the on-demand information that HCPs want with the personalised experience that they prize.

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Get proven techniques and strategies. These whitepapers tell you how to solve specific challenges – such as maximizing the value from digital asset management or applying the latest technologies like self-service detailing and chatbots.

AI content

AI in pharma — how companies are responding

Well aware of the potential for generative AI to transform engagements with HCPs and patients, companies are actively exploring their options. This report provides a snapshot of the trends that are already emerging.

AI content

How to start with AI in pharma marketing

AI needs to be implemented carefully in healthcare. This whitepaper explains how to integrate AI technologies safely and ethically into your content supply chain.

Digital strategy

How to apply HCP profiling to healthcare omnichannel marketing

Without planning, the content costs that result from HCP profiling can quickly spiral. But there are ways to make it manageable — and still deliver a great customer experience.

HCP engagement

New expectations – what HCPs now require from pharma content

From what they say to how they say it, leading pharma companies are changing their brand and medical content to respond to changing HCP needs and new preferences.

Launch strategy

The 3 building blocks of pharma omnichannel product launches

Explore the elements of a viable omnichannel product launch solution with a focus on the required strategy, data capabilities, and the content that drives HCP engagement.

Content creation

Enable your organisation to handle ever-increasing demands for digital content

Content excellence: the solution to a pressing problem. Pharma content supply chains have become overstretched by the rapid growth of, and demand for, digital marketing.

Content creation

How pharma can become more efficient with localising digital content

As the amount of digital content continues to increase, brand teams are challenged with rolling out global-produced digital content for local affiliates to adapt for local requirements.

Remote engagement

How chatbots and self-detailing can improve your HCP communication?

While standard face-to-face communication between reps and HCPs still provides value, it has inherent limitations, such as restricted access, reduced call duration, and long gaps between rep's visits.

Digital strategy

How to build and extend trustworthy relationships with HCPs

The appetite for digital communication in pharma is growing. Physicians are willing to get valuable information from pharma, when and where they want it, through the channels they prefer the most.

Content creation

How to choose the right digital content creation platform for better customer engagement

Digital content is a vital tool for marketers. It connects a company to its customers and drives business growth. We created a short guide of questions to consider while choosing a digital content management platform for your ogranisation.

Content creation

How to bring more sophisticated content to market faster than ever

Those in pharma that truly understand the needs of HCPs and the trends in their behavior get increasing returns from personalised and data-driven marketing  that provide an effective advantage over their competitors.

HCP engagement

Mind the gap — how to make detailing content available on-demand

Discover how ‘self-detailing’ technology now enables HCPs to review your eDetailing presentations and other sales materials at any time.

HCP engagement

Making the connection — empowering affiliates to enact omnichannel

Learn how to empower local markets to ensure that global brand strategies like omnichannel reach HCPs and improve their customer experience.

On-demand webinars

Hear from the experts. At Anthill, we’ve partnered with Veeva, LEO Pharma, Grünenthal and many others on webinars that explore the hot issues in life science marketing – such as best practice in content localization or the right approach to modular content.


AI, personalisation, and modular content

This webinar explores ways that pharma executives can upgrade their thinking for a new era of content — and learn practical ways to start building the next-generation content ecosystem. Get a sneak peek at the future of pharma content.

Product launches

How to establish brand equity post-launch

This webinar tells you how the foremost industry experts are using cutting-edge tools and strategies to build and sustain product launch momentum. Learn how to adapt to market feedback, drive product relevance and find continuous value.

New opportunities

Beyond the AI hype

Learn how to combine the promise of AI technology with the reality of pharma implementation. Experts from Merck, Otsuka, and Daiichi Sankyo discuss the hidden pitfalls of AI projects and what you should know before launching one.

New opportunities

In-depth pharma AI interview

Learn how to safely access the potential of AI in pharma HCP engagement during this in- depth interview by Paul Simms (Impatient Health) with Tor Kristensen, Anthill’s Chief Technology Officer

HCP engagement

Personalising content with behavioural science

Learn how to combine behavioural science with modular content for a new level of content personalisation. This webinar untangles the complexities to usher in a new era of hyper-relevant HCP engagement.

Content creation

Memorable, meaningful, modular

Learn how leading healthcare companies are applying AI technologies in combination with modular content to supercharge the content supply chain — and deliver the omnichannel experiences that HCPs prize.

HCP engagement

Hybrid heroes

Learn how pharma marketing leaders in Lundbeck, MSD, and AstraZeneca have implemented omnichannel — overcoming internal and external challenges. If you’re switching to omnichannel, this is a great place to start.

Virtual engagement

The self-detailing revolution

Learn how new self-service detailing systems harness the power of AI chat, no-code publishing, and high-quality media — and deliver the on-demand information that HCPs want with the personalised experience that they prize.

Content excellence

MLR Magic

Experts from Novo Nordisk, UCB, Astellas and Anthill explain how new processes and technologies are simplifying and speeding content reviews in pharma — empowering affiliates to respond faster to HCP needs.

Digital strategy

Remodel your content strategy

Hear how your peers from Astellas, Janssen, Abbott are reworking their content supply chain to speed content time-to-market. With new processes and the application of modular content, companies are improving efficiency and enabling omnichannel marketing strategies.

Content creation

Omnichannel content excellence

Learn how to achieve ’omnichannel content excellence’ in practical terms. Novo Nordisk provide a masterclass on implementing content excellence across a global pharma organisation — sharing their success stories and a few challenges that they encountered.

Content creation

Localising content

Discover how to bring efficiency to content localisation. As the amount of digital content increases exponentially, brand teams face content-consistency challenges, while affiliates struggle to adapt assets for their local markets. But with the right processes and good planning, localisation can be easier for everyone.

Digital strategy

Innovative channels in pharma

Learn how to expand marketing reach and increase service provision in a cost-effective way. ’Self-service’ solutions automate the eDetailing process — empowering HCPs to access your best content on-demand, while maintaining the guided experience they enjoy from rep engagements.

Content creation

Strategies for modular content

Explore the theory, practice and benefits of ‘modular content’. Get guided by an expert panel from Veeva, LEO Pharma, Grunenthal, Novo Nordisk and Anthill, who explain how innovative modular approaches to content speed-up your supply chains — enabling omnichannel strategies and content personalisation that HCPs increasingly expect.

Remote engagement

The devil's in the eDetail

Learn what HCPs now expect from detailing meetings and how pharma are responding with new tools and approaches. This webinar explores the latest advances in eDetailing practice — explaining how in-person meetings have evolved from siloed sales calls to high-value touchpoints in orchestrated ‘customer journeys’ that mix channels and content according to individual HCP needs.


Hear from Anthill experts and our partners. Get concise answers to essential questions such as what is omnichannel?. And go in-depth on topics that are reimagining pharma marketing today — AI technologies, on-demand detailing, and modular content.

HCP engagement

New pharma launch models

Changing market dynamics are leading pharma marketers to rethink their product launch strategies and design launch models centered on new HCP preferences.


Omnichannel orchestration

Learn how to align Commercial and Medical outreach — balancing digital and rep interactions — to deliver a holistic, high-value experience that makes sense to HCPs.


How to provide content HCPs want

Many companies are struggling to produce the content volume for omnichannel. While it can feel overwhelming, there are ways to simplify. Anthill’s Karen Batoosingh provides one simple strategy.


Customer experience strategy

Discover a simple, but highly-effective, content strategy that can dramatically increase HCP engagement in your content. A single word — “because” — makes all the difference.


Customer journey content strategy

Does your content reach HCPs at the right moment? Learn a simple — but highly effective — way of ensuring actionable content for your omnichannel customer journeys.


Simple omnichannel solutions

Omnichannel doesn’t have to be complicated. Even simple changes to your marketing tactics can connect channels and deliver a more coherent experience to HCPs.


Modular content

Learn why modular content is needed in healthcare and how it brings efficiency to your supply chain — speeding and simplifying content production and opening new opportunities.


Omnichannel explained

Understand what omnichannel means in the life sciences. By contrasting it with multichannel, you can quickly see how omnichannel is different and appreciate what it offers.


Content excellence

Get up-to-speed on the opportunities for more efficient content production. With content excellence you reduce costs, simplify your supply chain, and speed production.


Video use in pharma marketing

Discover how you can generate video high-value video cost-effectively. And learn how it is best programmed into your marketing flows to engagement HCPs in your product story.


Omnichannel benefits

Learn how switching to omnichannel transforms your HCP engagement. Get the benefits from the doctor’s viewpoint and how improved the experience boosts engagement.


HCP content expectations

Hear from Florent Edouard, Grünenthal’s Global Head of Commercial Excellence, on what HCPs really want and why we need rethink the content that’s currently provided.


Get started with pharma marketing AI

Learn how to integrate AI into your marketing — increasing content production to respond to the demands of omnichannel in a way that is safe and provides long-term value.


Remote engagement opportunities

Are you getting the full benefit from remote engagement? This video provides essential tips for realising the technology’s potential for high-value customer experiences.

Case studies

Learn what’s possible. Check our client stories and discover how we worked together to solve their challenges and improve their marketing results – such as extending HCP reach with self-guide detailing or unifying their total web presence in one clear system.

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Anthill Activator

How Anthill Activator enabled a leading pharma company to reduce content costs, empower marketing teams to create, and speed time-to-market.

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Case study

Global website unification

How to unify a global pharma company’s total web presence on a single platform – ensuring brand alignment and simplifying content creation.

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Content creation

How to make informed content decisions

Discover how Anthill provided a strategy and process that enabled the centralization of marketing activities across the Nordic region.

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HCP engagement

How to extend reach with self-guided detailing

Anthill was tasked with improving the quality of interaction between the client, a major pharmaceutical company, and their creative agencies.

Pharma marketing guides

Go in-depth. Our pharma marketing guides detail the winning strategies, key insights, and practical tips that generate success in essential HCP engagement channels. Get years of Anthill experience packaged in one easy download.

Pharma marketing guide

Self-detailing guide

Self-service detailing: get an in-depth explanation and learn how this new channel provides HCPs with a high-value detailing experience — anywhere at any time.

Pharma marketing guide

eDetailing guide

eDetailing guide: full explanation with clear definition, best practices, use cases, and actionable insights for eDetailing technology, content and design.

Pharma marketing guide

Remote detailing guide

Remote detailing guide: how to empower reps and MSL to engage HCPs online. Full explanation with use cases and best practices in strategy and content.

Pharma marketing guide

Approved email guide

Approved email guide: how to make your rep-triggered emails stand out. Full explanation with approved email use cases and best practices in strategy and content.

Pharma marketing guide

Omnichannel guide

Omnichannel is the new standard for HCP engagement — enabling pharma companies to provide a better experience for HCPs and more relevant communications at scale.

Pharma marketing guide

Modular content guide

Pharma companies are now implementing a modular content approach, knowing that this increases their flexibility, reach and ability to meet HCP needs.


Success factors

Pharma product launch — critical success factors

Learn how new HCP engagement models are enabling products to break through in a rapidly-changing environment. This Insight explains what it takes to succeed.

HCP Engagement

Increase medical education reach and impact with digital media

Learn how combining medical content with digital communication techniques builds relationships with HCPs, opens doors, and increases content engagement.

Content Excellence

How the right content experience boosts pharma product launch engagement

How ‘content experience’ boosts pharma product launches by realising the full engagement potential of your marketing content.