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Anthill Agency unlocks the potential of technology in healthcare — digital pharmaceutical marketing, omnichannel solutions, and AI-enabled HCP engagement.

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Pharma marketing

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Anthill enables pharma and medical device companies to build lasting, high-value relationships with healthcare professionals

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AI image generation

Get unlimited on-brand images — relevant to every market. By combining AI technology with our understanding of your brand’s visual language, you get exclusive image sets that precisely meet your affiliates' local requirements.

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Product launch

Amplify launch presentation

Learn how Amplify empowers you to provide the on-demand information that HCPs have been requesting — while keeping the engagement and interaction that they prize from in-person detailing.

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Omnichannel marketing guide


Novo Nordisk partnership

Learn how Novo Nordisk is partnering with Anthill — and using Activator to better control their content lifecycle, speed production, and gain insights that drive market performance.

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Self-service detailing

Learn how we enable HCPs to access your content 24/7 — and get a guided experience, anywhere at any time.

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Looking to get more from digital in pharma? Work with an experienced partner who understands the technology, the content, and the human factors that determine success.

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AI engagement

How to start with pharma marketing AI

Learn how you can safely begin implementing AI technologies into your marketing right now — and work with confidence knowing that regulations are being followed.

HCP Engagement

Challenges of pharma omnichannel marketing

Learn how to overcome common challenges in pharma omnichannel implementation — and get insights on how you can prepare your marketing organisation.

HCP Engagement

HCP profiling made simple

Learn how to work with HCP profiling in a way that is manageable and economically feasible for all pharma organisations — and unlock the potential of omnichannel marketing.