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Anthill is a hybrid of consultancy, agency and software company – dedicated to digital communication in the life sciences.

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The Human Factor

Our approach is to consider people – their attitudes, needs, beliefs, biases, hopes – at every stage of the journey. This belief in the importance of The Human Factor is expressed in all the actions that our strategists, creatives and technologists make every day.

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Making digital work for you

We partner with clients around the world, providing digital services and solutions that accelerate the modernization of healthcare communication.

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Modern Marketing

The Human Factor

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Anthill Activator

Learn how to reduce content creation and localisation costs, increase transparency in content management, and speed time to market.

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Looking to get more from digital in pharma? Work with an experienced partner who understands the technology, the content, and the human factors that determine success.

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Making the connection

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Modern Marketing

I am complicated, expensive and very demanding, but there is a silver lining

Living with me is a challenge – I am complicated, expensive, very demanding and often highly misunderstood. A myriad of defiant characteristics, I require great effort, constant attention and unwavering patience. I am diabetes.

Modular Content

How modular content makes you more innovative

You’ve likely heard a lot about modular content over the last few years. It’s often described as being the future of content in pharma. But why? What exactly does it give you that traditional content doesn’t?

Digital Strategy

How to empower local markets to deliver on your brand strategy

Many life sciences companies are experiencing the same problem: global brand strategies are often excellent but aren’t having the expected impact. So, what’s happening?