Healthcare digital marketing

Anthill Agency unlocks the potential of technology in healthcare — digital pharmaceutical marketing, omnichannel solutions, and AI-enabled HCP engagement.

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Pharma marketing

What we do

Anthill enables pharma and medical device companies to build lasting, high-value relationships with healthcare professionals

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Omnichannel engagement


Modular content services

Anthill Agency is a specialist in pharma modular content solutions. Work with the experts to integrate modular content into your supply chain and unlock the potential of your DAM solution.

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Modern marketing

New engagement models

Meet today’s market realities. HCPs have changed how they access information and make decisions. Respond with connected omnichannel solutions, automated on-demand communications, and content formats that HCPs prefer.

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Content authoring

Supercharge your content supply chain

Discover Activator — a digital content management platform that’s fully integrated with Veeva Vault. Activator removes friction from the whole marketing supply chain resulting in more content, created faster, and without compromise.

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How Grünental enabled modular content with Anthill Activator

Mubasher Hassan, Global Head of Content Management at Grünenthal, explains how Activator impacted their content production

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Partner with us

Looking to get more from digital in pharma? Work with an experienced partner who understands the technology, the content, and the human factors that determine success.

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Success factors

Pharma product launch — critical success factors

Learn how new HCP engagement models are enabling products to break through in a rapidly-changing environment. This Insight explains what it takes to succeed.

HCP Engagement

Increase medical education reach and impact with digital media

Learn how combining medical content with digital communication techniques builds relationships with HCPs, opens doors, and increases content engagement.

Content Excellence

How the right content experience boosts pharma product launch engagement

How ‘content experience’ boosts pharma product launches by realising the full engagement potential of your marketing content.