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Innovative upskilling

How to use AI technologies for more engaging internal training

Don't let your training materials gather dust. Learn how to activate investments and build a culture of continuous learning with AI-generated video content.

HCP engagement

How Amplify helps meet growing sales targets in regions without a sales force

Learn how Amplify can enable you to meet ambitious sales targets in markets where a sales team is not viable to engage customers and drive awareness


Ensuring brand consistency with Activator

Learn how you can align messaging and ensure better brand consistency across markets


How to speed approved email production and reduce costs

Learn how you can speed approved email time-to-market and significantly reduce content costs

Content creation

How to make informed content decisions

Anthill was tasked with improving the quality of interaction between the client, a major pharmaceutical company, and their creative agencies


How to co-create content with affiliates

Case study: how to increase involvement from global stakeholders and brand teams in content creation without rising costs or overly impacting workloads

Digital strategy

How to build marketing collaboration across markets

Case study: how Anthill provided a strategy and process that enabled the centralization of marketing activities across the Nordic region

Digital strategy

How to implement omnichannel HCP engagement across markets

Case study: how a clear framework enabled a leading pharma company's affiliates to fully understand and implement an omnichannel HCP engagement strategy

HCP engagement

How to extend reach with self-guided detailing

Case study: how an innovative self-guided detailing system maintained HCP contact and support during COVID and extended customer reach over the long term

Digital strategy

How to provide actionable guidelines for digital engagement

Case study: brand manager guidelines for more efficient creation of websites, email, eDetailers, and other digital channels, using a smart 'recipe' format

Case Study

Master Design System: Global website unification

Case study: how to unify a global pharma company’s total web presence on a single platform – ensuring brand alignment and simplifying content creation


Anthill Activator

How Anthill Activator enabled a leading pharma company to reduce content costs, empower marketing teams to create, and speed time-to-market