Anthill Activator

Leading pharma company

A large organisation that needed to reduce the costs of content creation and localization, increase transparency over the process, and reduce time to market.


Anthill Activator, Consulting, Advisory, Roll-out support, Technical Services, Marketing insights & KPI tracking, Digital-first branding and content

Reduce content creation and localization costs, increase transparency, and speed time to market

The Commercial Excellence Team of a top pharma company identified that 720 eDetailing slides and 80 approved emails were being created by agencies each year – content that then needed to be approved, translated and localized around the world.

This amount of content production resulted in high costs, slow release to markets, and also required considerable attention from brand teams to oversee and organize (4-5 weeks of an employee’s time).

In addition, despite the best efforts to manage the process, there was no clear visibility over the global / local responsibilities and status of each content piece.

Consequently, the client’s objective was a digital content management strategy that was:

  • Specifically designed for life sciences
  • Flexible to meet diverse global and local needs
  • Easier to manage
  • Cheaper and faster to market

"Within just two months, 27 users in 12 countries were already using the system"

Tor Kristensen

CTO Anthill Technologies


Anthill Activator

To meet this change, Anthill worked together with the company to devise a content strategy around Anthill Activator.

Activator is a content management system completely integrated with Veeva Vault. It maintains the security and safety of Vault content – nothing ever leaves Veeva system — but it makes it easier to manage and provides tools to make changes to content.

Activator also adds more control. It provides analytics on every content element, both during its development and its use in local markets. It simplifies the approval process by offering greater transparency and speed, improves localisation with clarity over the status of every content piece, and aids translation with smart workflows.

Part of the Modern Marketing process

Anthill works with a ‘Modern Marketing’ methodology in every project. Modern Marketing is a continually improving process that enables you to:

  • Discover opportunities
  • Decide strategies
  • Design solutions
  • Drive impact

Some projects may only focus on one or two specific areas while others, like this Activator project, will account for all stages of the Modern Marketing process.

In addition to the product solution itself, a wide range of services were applied around Anthill Activator: ensuring internal understanding and support; developing the right content strategies and conventions; providing technical solutions; and de- vising the analytics for actionable insights.

These services were vital in maximizing the benefits of Activator and achieving the full value from the company’s Veeva investments.

Fast and fully supported implementation

Despite implementation taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Anthill ensured that Activator was integrated with the company’s Veeva solution – and fully supported with online brand team training at a global level – in four months.

Within just two months, 27 users in 12 countries were already using the system.

The company has increased digital content creation performance significantly while saving time and budget. A 69% reduction in cost per slide and 37% reduction in hours per slide were achieved for master templates. At the affiliate level, the results were even higher. Affiliates experienced a reduction of 83% on cost per slide, with 56% of localisation time saved.

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