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How Amplify helps meet growing sales targets in regions without a sales force


Hard to meet significant sales targets in a market without a local sales force


Add Amplify into existing direct-to-consumer campaigns to drive more HCP and consumer engagement

Outcomes (KPIs)

Increased sales, more meetings, higher customer satisfaction scores, easier consent capture

Lack of local presence – and engagement

A leading pharmaceutical company was finding it challenging to meet their ambitious sales targets in markets where a sales team was not viable to drive awareness about their treatments and engage customers.

The lack of engagement posed a risk of consumers and healthcare providers growing their preference for competitors' treatments.

The budgets did not allow hiring of a local field force, therefore, management needed to look for innovative ways to engage consumers and HCPs in a cost-effective way to reach their targets – without incurring significant additional costs.

"The ad campaigns drive traffic to the consumer and HCP websites and we’re helping them build personalized journeys that make the web experience relevant and engaging"

Rie Rygaard Hundahl

Customer Success Manager


Guided web experiences to drive more consumer and HCP engagement

The company was running HCP and consumer campaigns to drive web traffic but lacked engagement once they landed on the web portal.

To further increase engagement and impact from the ad campaigns, they decided to integrate Amplify to their website. Amplify is a tool that’s designed for the life sciences to easily build guided experiences into existing campaign sites and web portals.

The way it works is that ad campaigns drive traffic. Amplify then enables them to take consumers and HCPs into a guided experience that enables each web visitor to personalise the communications to ensure they get the information they need.

The guided experience also enables HCPs to directly book an online meeting with an MSL/Rep when it suits their schedule.

Digital-first approach to drive measurable results

With the implementation of Amplify the company is taking a digital-first approach that helps meet the challenge of rising sales targets without a local sales force.

The overall objective with the technology-driven approach is increased consumers/patient starts and higher revenue. The project's key performance indicators are:

  • Smoother consent capture
  • Increased HCP and consumer engagement
  • More meetings
  • Improved customer experiences and satisfaction scores
  • Increased sales

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