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How to use AI technologies for more engaging internal training


Increase the use of a comprehensive set of product launch training materials cost-effectively.


Transform the training materials into easily-consumed video content with low-cost AI tools.


A series of short videos that put a human face to content that was previously communicated via hundreds of slides and documents.


A major global pharmaceutical company had created comprehensive training materials for product launch best practices. Organised into different modules, the materials were intended to raise the capabilities of the whole commercial organisation.

Each module detailed essential practices such as market segmentation, customer journey planning, content approval, and implementation by customer-facing roles. Core go-to-market concepts were explained, and inspiration was provided from the healthcare industry and other sectors. In addition, market data was supplied together with concrete directions on how to apply it to daily work.

However, despite the clear relevance and the highly-actionable nature of the training materials, usage was low across the organisation. Consequently, Anthill was tasked with identifying why people were not engaging and requested to propose a low-cost solution.

• Identity why the materials were not being used.

• Propose a way to activate the content.

• Find a low-cost solution that could be implemented quickly.

Using an AI-generated presenter made the content engaging while reducing production time and costs


Interviews with staff identified patterns for people’s use of the training materials and reasons why their engagement was low. Most people reviewed the content once and never returned to it. Rather than upskilling the whole organisation, the content was mainly used for onboarding new colleagues.

Three reasons for the low usage were uncovered: the content took too long to review; the presentation was outdated and not engaging because it comprised hundreds of slides and documents; and it was easy to forget it existed because the material wasn't integrated into people's typical working day.

Anthill's solution was to transform this mass of information into bite-sized 'snackable' videos that were easily consumed and more engaging. And to keep costs low and speed up production, AI tools would be used throughout the process.

The training content was initially transformed into video scripts with AI copywriting tools. That process enabled scripts to be created very quickly. These were then checked for factual accuracy and to confirm the desired messages were being conveyed. The scripts were also edited to ensure the right tone of voice.

Different AI tools were then applied to turn the scripts into videos. A digital avatar format was selected to present the material, which provided a ‘human’ face and made the videos more engaging.

Using AI tools in this way ensured fast content creation and avoided the high costs of traditional video production, e.g. studio, lighting, sound, actors or voice-over artists.

Using a digital avatar also made it easy to make changes without expensive reshoots. That provided the flexibility to edit the videos quickly — refining the scripts to ensure a natural feel and good fit with the avatar’s capabilities. It also enabled close collaboration with the client and ensured that requested changes were implemented promptly.

Video length was capped at three minutes. This made the content easy to consume, while providing sufficient time to communicate one or two points. This format also meant that the videos could be deployed in different situations. For example, they are easily emailed, are simple to integrate into internal web-based channels and work well for delivery to both desktop and mobile devices.

In this way, the short-form videos integrated training into people’s working day and highlighted the value of the product launch training materials — encouraging further exploration.

Using AI tools enabled a simple and fast production process


A series of short-form videos were created for distribution through internal channels. This ‘micro learning’ approach increased engagement because the videos were easily consumed, and the digital avatar put a ‘human’ face to the content.

The videos raised internal competencies by highlighting best practices in go-to-market planning. Also, they demonstrated the value of the existing training materials — encouraging people to explore the original content once the benefit was clarified.

In this way, the videos took a strategy Anthill often uses in product launches and other HCP communication — hook your audience with high-value, easy-to-consume content — and applied this approach to internal communication.

AI tools enabled the videos to be created quickly, with the production process lasting just five weeks. And now that the system is set up, additional videos can be produced even faster. The application of AI tools also made the project economically feasible because traditional production methods would have been far out of budget.

The next stage of the project will be to review the usage data. Further refinements can then be made — a simple process due to the AI-generated and entirely digital nature of the content. Likewise, different language versions can be created, which remains an opportunity.

• A series of AI-generated videos that raised go-to-market competencies and highlighted the value of existing training materials.

• Short ‘bite-sized’ content that is easily consumed and distributed.

• AI tools kept costs low and ensured the videos could be produced quickly.

• The content is fully digital and can easily be updated and expanded according to the client’s wishes.

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