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A new paradigm in HCP engagement

Apply AI technologies safely and ethically in HCP engagement
Use generative AI to produce assets at a previously impossible speed and unlock the opportunities of omnichannel

Apply AI to rapidly assemble modular content into tactics
Enable new workflows and use natural, everyday language to generate content that meets individual HCP needs at scale

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Full compliance at scale

Anthill understands the tremendous opportunity of AI to better engage HCPs by meeting individual needs at scale. And we work closely with healthcare companies to harness this power in an ethical and safe way. That requires applying AI technologies intelligently to meet pharma's specific needs and overcoming the AI ‘hallucination’ problem — content that looks plausible but is factually incorrect. This is unacceptable in healthcare, where complete accuracy is a necessity.  

Anthill's AI services solve this problem. Our solutions ensure full compliance at all times. You gain all the benefits — massive content production increases, rapid tactic building, more targeted engagements, and data-driven communications — without the risks otherwise inherent in AI. And this gives you the confidence to fully realise AI's potential — enabling you to switch your focus from managing the content supply chain to actively meeting your customers' needs.

Unlocking the potential of omnichannel

HCPs increasingly favour digital engagements and want these interactions to be personalised. As a result, companies are now implementing omnichannel communications. This is the right strategy but further pressures pharma’s content supply chain because, by definition, personalised engagements require more content. While there are ways around this problem, companies have been restricted in what they can accomplish — until now.  

Achieving the necessary content volume with traditional production methods is a massive investment in photography, graphics, copywriting and medical writing. And then overseeing production at this scale is highly challenging using systems and practices designed for far lower content volumes. Consequently, when companies do implement omnichannel, marketers are generally limited to just a few general HCP profiles.

Anthill’s AI services change that. We enable you to safely apply generative AI technologies to build large content libraries that account for as many HCP profiles as your strategies demand. And we also assist you with solutions that automatically assemble these assets into tactics — all with full compliance.

Example of omnichannel customer journey
Omnichannel provides the experiences HCP want but requires high content volumes

Unlimited on-brand imagery

Generative AI enables you to produce content in the volume required by omnichannel. The opportunities to increase production speed are astounding. However, the hours you save using generative AI shouldn't be spent sorting through endless variations of irrelevant content. You don't just need more content. You need more of the right content.  

Anthill's approach uses your existing assets, brand identity and art direction to configure the visual style, poses, lighting and other factors that make your brand images uniquely yours. That way, large image sets can be created that are always on-brand — without licensing issues or expensive photoshoots. Using our understanding of your product's visual identities and precisely directing the AI's outputs, Anthill's image services provide relevant imagery every time.

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How to create new images from existing one with help of AI
Generate on-brand imagery in the quantity required for omnichannel

Persona-relevant content

As with Anthill’s Image Services, our brand content services train AI on your precise requirements. In this way, ‘neutral’ copy — with all the claims in place — can become 10, 20, 30 or more pieces of content that meet the needs of different HCP profiles or respond to specific contexts.  

Anthill’s approach goes beyond simple ‘make it more engaging’ prompts. With our AI content services, you can be far more granular. You can address specific audience segments by finetuning the tone of voice and highlighting information relevant to those profiles. For example, you could specify content for people primarily motivated by factual information or for those who tend to engage with more emotional content. You can also determine the order in which topics are introduced in a tactic — creating versions that sequence messages differently depending on HCP interests and preferences.

Generate different assets to meet HCPs' needs
Generate assets the scale required to meet the different needs of HCPs

Rapid AI-enabled tactic assembly

The ability to generate high volumes of compliant content — while transformative — is just half the story. Anthill’s AI services also enable you to rapidly assemble these assets into digital tactics. AI-enabled content assembly dramatically reduces production time, enables rapid go-to-market campaigns, and simplifies HCP omnichannel engagement.  

One way to achieve this is by working with modular content. Because modular content is pre-approved, easily combined, and works across channels, you can confidently use AI to assemble it. This approach solves the MLR compliance issue because you can be sure that the AI is inventing nothing. It simply selects and combines pre-approved modules.

In many ways, modular content is highly suited to safe automation. The business rules included with every content module — e.g. ‘you must use a safety message before you use an efficacy message’ — are written in natural language that the AI can read. That means the AI will act on these instructions when assembling content. MLR is also simplified by a 'risk-based' approach that identifies any specific parts of a tactic that require closer attention in the review process — and flags these sections in the file that the solution creates and sends for MLR submission.

In this way, entirely new workflows are safely enabled. Instead of searching through content libraries, users can give the AI tasks using natural, everyday language: “I want to create an email including at least two patient profiles. Add a section about our upcoming congress.”

The AI then identifies the available content modules, confirms them with you, and automatically applies them to a template — producing results you can see immediately. And you can then recreate that content in seconds, instructing the AI to e.g. “change the template” or “add another patient profile”.    

This approach further unlocks omnichannel. With generative AI providing the required content volume, AI can then rapidly assemble these assets into marketing tactics. For example, you can instruct the AI to develop versions that match specific patient profiles. Or leverage your data — telling the AI to compare different versions and rank them according to the likelihood that they will resonate with specified audiences.

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Example of how natural language prompts can make asset creation intuitive and fast
Apply AI technologies to rapidly assemble approved assets into tactics

Anthill AI services

Apply AI technologies to revolutionise your marketing and unlock the potential of omnichannel in a safe, fast and very efficient way. As a digital agency dedicated to the specific needs of life science companies, we understand how to get great ideas implemented in healthcare.

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Anthill Agency partners with you throughout the AI integration process

Complete process

Get the strategy, detailed project plan, timelines and relevant milestones that ensure everything runs on schedule.

Content library

Access the potential of generative AI in a safe and compliant way to rapidly build large content libraries required for omnichannel.

AI content assembly

Get a solution that enables you to rapidly assemble on-brand and approved assets into marketing tactics.


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Anthill can partner with you throughout the AI process — providing project planning, AI expertise, technical solutions and creative know-how. Whether you want to expand your content volume with generative AI, speed tactic creation with AI asset assembly or enable more data-driven engagements, we can help.

  • Provide my AI strategy and project plan with clear timelines and deliveries

  • Set up my technology platform, e.g. Veeva, Salesforce, Sitecore

  • Use generative AI to expand my content library for the demands of omnichannel

  • Adapt my existing content for use in AI-enabled asset assembly

  • Activate my content assets with an AI-driven authoring solution

  • Empower brand teams to work with my AI systems and processes

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