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Many companies have come to understand that content and market engagement data have become one of their most valuable resources and as a result we see across the industry increased investment in content creation and data analysis.

Those that truly understand the needs and interests of HCPs and the trends in their behavior see increasing returns from personalised and data driven marketing that provide an effective advantage over their competitors. Despite the increased investments and positive results a big challenge remains in doing this efficiently and in a way that doesn’t put an undue burden on already busy brand teams.

We’ve always invested heavily in content, but as we look to ensure this investment is better leveraged and a part of more personalised customer experiences how we use our content management platforms takes center stage. Bringing to life more sophisticated content strategies and making use of valuable data means raising our expectations as to the intuitive and seamless experiences not only for the customer, but for our internal users.

How to create and manage your content?

The best way to effectively drive growth and engagement is via an integrated digital content management platform that allows you to create, activate and deploy multichannel content while supporting rapid localisation, deep analytics and custom reporting solutions. Integrating these features and ensuring that they accelerate your marketing cycles and allow for flexible personalisation will help you meet the three key features of an efficient digital content management platform:

1. The ability to connect with HCPs as fast as you can

HCPs have limited time and more sources of information than they could ever consume. Every company is competing to reach HCPs for a share of their attention and an opportunity to build a relationship. The challenge is in getting to the point of ‘trusted adviser’ faster and creating an informed connection based on a true understanding of their interests and concerns. To do that you need to provide valuable information and insights to an HCP when they want it and through the channels that they prefer, as well as gathering the feedback and data needed to personalise your content and messaging for their individual needs.

Acquiring a digital platform that supports rapid and compliant multichannel content creation and customisation is a clear requirement in supporting your communication and engagement needs. More importantly, you need to ensure this content management system is completely integrated to your existing Content Management/CLM/CRM ecosystem (Veeva) or even better - exists inside of it. Stop any initiatives that are not directly enriching your CLM/CRM system - like content management platforms living in a silo. These isolated platforms will inevitably make workflows unnecessarily complex, create additional work for your marketing and BI teams, and increase your risk of issues with compliance and auditability. Finding a system that can simplify processes and empower your marketing and sales teams to create and deliver content to market quickly and efficiently is key to being able to adapt and customise your HCP communications quickly enough to stay relevant and retain attention.

2. One connected source of truth

All the insights from the market should flow into a single system for you to have a real 360-degree view of the customer. Owning that data and tracking the usage of your content will empower your company to improve commercial offers and to make the right strategic moves in your channel spends and content creation investments.

Internal investment in a system that can collect and align data from CRM, Rep calls across channels, specific messages shown across channels and report on their stickiness and effectiveness for various HCP segments will allow your teams to make data driven decisions that reflect a more complete picture of your impact in the market.

Establishing this clear, coherent and rapidly updated data source for your marketers, brand managers, BI specialists and data scientists is a prerequisite to building the models and reports that can help your teams make better decisions faster.

3. Activate and inspire your audience

Use these integrated digital insights to analyse the performance of your channels, and effectiveness of your content, in order to build relevant and personal interactions with your audience! Your competitive advantage will be driven by the ability to deliver personalised content to HCPs across every channel (f2f, web, email, social media) with the information they desire, the messaging that drives your strategic goals, and the ability to intelligently follow their engagement with you across channels and touchpoints. That’s what personalisation is all about.

Building interaction with HCPs in real-time, and getting deep insight about their needs, interests and behavior is the information you need to drive the company’s growth.

These insights should then feed directly into your content creation and channel investment strategies and be iterated as often as practical to ensure that you are adapting your content to the needs and interests of your audience.

Find your balance

The important part: everything should be balanced. Producing a massive amount of content without evaluating its’ performance will get you nowhere, and only focusing on analytics without being able to iterate approaches in your content will also drive you crazy.

You will need to tune up the entire system before launching your campaigns, but also to accept that there is no way to implement a solution perfectly on the first try. Part of the nature of engaging your audience so personally is that they will surprise you and challenge your assumptions. However, by committing to creating relevant content, connecting through the right channels and using analytics to adapt your strategies and improve your messaging you’ll be much closer to closing the loop of multichannel communication and achieving growth.

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