Provide 24/7 service to HCPs with self-detailing and chatbot technology

Do you know how to make your eDetailing content available to HCPs 24/7 – without losing the ‘guided’ experience that makes it so valuable?

New easy-to-implement and quick-to-deploy technologies actually make this quite simple. You can act quickly to dramatically raise the level of service that you’re providing HCPs, while also increasing the ROI of you existing digital investment dramatically.

A clear opportunity

Producing eDetailing content is a major investment and the content created is often the best marketers have on their products. Yet it's often only shown to HCPs for just a few minutes at each visit. And usually, a healthcare professional (HCP) only sees a rep every three or four months. In between these visits, they might come across some advertising or receive an approved email. But there will likely be little, to no, deep engagement until the next time someone from your customer team visits.

This is a big opportunity being missed. Given how much is invested in developing digital tools for reps, not to mentioned creating the content, there is a need to increase the ROI on this content – extending its use – while also improving the experience for HCPs.

Closing the gap

These problems can now be solved with today’s advanced content automation technologies. The latest ‘self-detailing’ technologies enable you to take your existing eDetailing presentations and make it available on-demand to all HCP severy day of the year:

  • Self-detailing: Moving e-detailing content online – making it available 24/7 – in a way that still retains the ‘rep guided’ experience for HCPs. In effect, we ‘embed’ the rep into the content.
  • Regulatory compliant service bot: Providing a personal service bot that answers HCPs’ questions with regulatory compliant materials and ‘lives’ in the channels that they already use on a daily basis.

Solving pharma challenges

These technologies are revolutionary without being complex. And can be applied today (and quickly) to solve real marketing issues in pharma:

  • Be more responsive to HCPs in real-time while being fully regulatory compliant
  • Provide services 24/7 in a way that fits pharma budgets
  • Increase reach without requiring more channels (that then must be promoted)
  • Fit with how HCPs actually engage with information and media
  • Stop channel proliferation (no more standalone apps and websites)
  • Enable A/B testing of HCP engagement

Practical and actionable

Self-detailing and service bots are technologies that you can implement now. In fact, you can get up and running in just a few months. To learn in detail how it works download our latest e-book. We take you though it all in clear language and give you the practical steps to take.


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