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Omnichannel solutions

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Deliver the perfect HCP experience

Increase your marketing impact and value to HCPs
Orchestrate channels to deliver content effectively
Match content to HCP profiles for personalisation

Sequence channels and content into customer journeys
Make better use of marketing resources by unifying channels into one coherent system.

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The new standard for HCP engagement

Omnichannel marketing in pharma and MedTech requires selecting and sequencing channels to deliver the right message at the right time to the right person. This provides a more engaging brand experience for HCPs, and it makes better use of your marketing resources by unifying channels into a coherent system. Instead of multiple disconnected channels with roughly the same messages, you now have channels that reinforce each other and encourage deeper exploration of your product story.

Anthill Agency can partner with you on all aspects of omnichannel marketing — developing the strategic approach, the content that fully engages HCPs at each touchpoint, and the technology that delivers it. Talk to us about your opportunities for creating more effective and engaging brand communications.

Example of omnichannel content for HCPs
Omnichannel enables HCPs to fully explore your content investments

How it works

In the past, digital channels worked independently — operating as silos of information. An HCP would see roughly the same messages in each channel and be required to search and sort the information themselves. This multichannel approach is now being replaced by omnichannel. Omnichannel is a digital ecosystem in which channels and content connect. This enables a new way of working. You no longer repeat the same information everywhere. Instead, you move people through your ecosystem — designing customer experiences that, by responding to different profiles, are more relevant and engaging.

For example, an HCP receives an approved email with information relevant to their specific interests. They then click a CTA to a website that has more detailed information. Later they receive an invitation to a remote detailing session. During this meeting, the rep invites the HCP to a webinar that presents the latest scientific data. In this way, the content and channels are all related but the story builds over time. This encourages HCPs to keep exploring.

Read our in-depth guide to pharma omnichannel marketing

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Case study

How to implement HCP omnichannel engagement across markets

Learn how a clear framework enabled a leading pharma company's affiliates to implement an omnichannel HCP engagement strategy

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Tell the full story

With omnichannel marketing, you enable HCPs to explore your content in full. By mixing channels and content formats you build customer journeys that keep people clicking and learning. In this way, the infrequent and disconnected engagements of the past become a connected experience that strategically moves people up your adoption ladder.

An example of connected omnichannel experience
Omnichannel delivers a connected experience that increases HCP engagement

Personalise the experience

Omnichannel marketing benefits greatly from customer data. Rather than ’one message for all’, working with customer profiles enables you to be more precise in your communications and far more relevant to HCPs needs. Now you can match messages to specific customer profiles and deliver the right experience to the right person — keeping people engaged.

As market understanding increases with better data, you can work in an agile way — delivering a continually improving experience at each step of the customer journey. By tracking each touchpoint’s performance and regularly optimising the content, you continually improve the overall health of your digital ecosystem. And that means increasingly relevant communications that get your brands noticed.


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Download our in-depth guide for the full explanation of how omnichannel works and why HCPs respond so positively.

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Benefits of omnichannel

Deliver the right message to the right person in the right way

Orchestrate channels around customer needs

Build an ecosystem of connected digital channels

Match content to specific customer prolies

Create tailored experiences for specific HCP profiles

Track HCP interactions to improve marketing and services

Anthill omnichannel services

Anthill provides the expertise that takes you from the initial strategic framework all the way to analytics that demonstrate ROI. This might be a major cross-organisation project in preparation for a key product launch. Equally, it could be smaller interventions that unlock the benefits of omnichannel in your existing HCP engagement. Got a specific challenge? We can also lend our experience to just one or two aspects to get things running properly.

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Anthill enables pharma and MedTech to effectively implement omnichannel marketing
Team has a strategy meeting

Strategic framework

Set up for success. Get the core strategy with customer profiles, channel selection and sequencing, message creation and orchestration, and analytics to track engagement.

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Technical solution

Partner with our technology experts to ensure that everything works as it should. And experience smart content management solutions that speed approvals and empower affiliates – while increasing your content oversight and control.

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Creative magic

Get a behaviour-changing result at each step of your customer journey. Anthill's experience in digital content ensures that you get the maximum impact in a way that is both efficient and cost effective.

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Affiliate engagement

Empower affiliates to act with confidence. Take account of the ‘Human Factor’ and ensure that everyone fully understands, supports and implements the customer journey strategy in their markets.

How can we help?

Pharma is now focused on the HCP experience, providing smart communications that are designed around the customer and driven by data insights. Omnichannel engagement is a daily reality. Companies that do it well — delivering quality connected experiences to HCPs every day — operate with real competitive advantage.

  • Provide my omnichannel engagement strategy and framework

  • Orchestrate channels to deliver the required HCP experiences

  • Build content designed specifically for omnichannel

  • Apply modular content to speed MLR approvals and asset building

  • Engage affiliates to ensure the strategy is implemented locally

  • Track HCP engagement to confirm effectiveness


Boost HCP engagement with omnichannel

With the right strategy, it’s easier than you might think

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