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Pharma companies have built 100s of websites over the years. These often run on different CMS systems or are coded in different ways. The result is a highly complex web environment that is hard to overview, slow to implement, and expensive to keep updated. And in some markets, companies may even be ‘locked’ into agency relationships and so lack any direct control over their web presence.

Our website unification service puts you back in control. It provides both the technology and the processes that enable content to be released centrally, approved at all stages, and adapted to meet local needs. And we work with you to transfer your existing content – all sites, anywhere in the world – to the system. So talk to us about unifying your total web presence.

Ever-growing complexity

Most pharma and MedTech companies’ web presence developed organically, with sites and pages gradually being added. Over time, a few websites have grown into 100s that companies now need to track, manage and update. First, a corporate website might be created, followed by local market websites, international brand sites, then disease-specific sites for various campaigns, numerous affiliate websites, content hubs and so on. Because sites grew organically – with no central plan or system – there is little or no consistency. It is common to find companies running multiple CMS systems worldwide and even trying to maintain sites that are individually coded in different ways. This fragmented environment causes many problems.

Lack of insight: The total web presence is impossible to overview. At a global level, people may not even precisely know how many websites the company is running around the world – let alone having the ability to track performance, develop strategies, and make changes to best engage healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Static content: Because of the fragmented technical environment, it is difficult to keep sites regularly updated. Even minor updates may become an agency project, which needs to be agreed. The result is that content is slow to change, with affiliates at different stages of implementation and therefore inconsistent communication across markets.

Low control: In extreme cases, companies can become ‘locked’ into agency relationships if sites are not created using standard platforms. That not only puts an affiliate in a difficult position when negotiating costs, it also adds a risk that content cannot be updated if specific personnel leave an agency or it ceases to operate.

Inconsistent brand expression: Without the right governance structures, brand identities can differ across a company’s web presence – even for the same product. Correct brand implementation can get ‘lost in translation’ as rules are interpreted in different ways, with errors going uncorrected due to a lack of oversight.

Inefficiency: Without a centralised system and approach, costs can spiral. If affiliates are each building and maintaining websites locally in different ways, there will be a duplication of work on both the technical and creative sides. And, as the number of websites continues to rise, affiliate workload continues to grow.

Bring clarity to your web presence

Anthill’s website unification service provides a single technical platform with the governance system, project management and training that enables you to take full control of your web presence – no matter how many websites you operate around the world. This allows you to simplify web content creation and ensure brand alignment, with the flexibility needed to meet all local market requirements.

It works by a ‘spoke and wheel’ strategy. At the hub, core technical elements are created centrally for all brands and websites. This approach is made possible by extensive research and the use of ‘web crawlers’ that scan your entire web presence and identify every single design element and content functionality in use. In this way, we can ensure that the core system meets all requirements.

At the next level, brand teams create master brand sites for each product using these elements. Affiliates then use these master sites to build all the product websites they need for their markets. In this way, the company gains the efficiency benefits of centralisation, while brand teams can ensure the correct online representation of their products. Local markets also benefit from a system that is easier to work with, gives them control, and speeds up the creation and adaptation of websites – while meeting all their specific functionality requirements.

Spoke and wheel strategy for website unification
Spoke and wheel strategy

Efficient, agile and effective

By unifying your web presence in a single system, websites become a more agile and effective channel. Beyond the inherent efficiency and cost-reduction, unification activates websites. Content cascades through your organisation much faster. Brand teams use the system tools to be more creative, quickly building on-brand content elements and releasing them to the markets. Affiliates can keep their websites refreshed and continually provide customer-facing teams with web content to engage HCPs through other channels like approved email. In essence, website unification turns a series of independent websites into a single and far more powerful channel.

Increase speed

Quickly cascade content through your organisation

Empower affiliates

Enable local markets to keep content refreshed

Reduce cost

Remove the unnecessary duplication of work

Align brands

Ensure correct brand expression on all sites

Raise your value

Meet HCP expectations for up-to-date digital content

Improve engagement

Respond to the market with consistent data

Benefits of website unification

A structured process

Because website unification works at a global scale and involves a great many stakeholders, it is complex. Excellence in project management is essential. We overcome this complexity with a clear process and continual communication with affiliates, technology partners and creative agencies around the world. Detailed documentation and training videos are delivered – and then brought to life with a webinar series that runs throughout the project. We also engage directly with stakeholders. Anthill works closely with individual brand teams to build global master sites that correctly express the products’ visual identities and enable all required functionalities. And we support affiliates and agencies around the world, engaging with them and enabling them to create their websites in the new system.

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Project partnership

Anthill will partner with you throughout the website unification process – providing services that take you all the way from understanding your total web presence to analytics that demonstrate ROI. So, if you’re looking to activate your web channel around the world, do get in touch.

A man pointing to the top with laptop in his hands


Complete review of all websites in all markets, enabling a detailed project plan that specifies both all technical requirements and affiliates’ content needs around the world.

A group of people are discussing design and strategy


Detailed plan with governance model, work streams, description of roles and responsibilities, system architecture design, specification of media formats and message strategy.

Girl working on the tablet


Creation of design documentation, guidelines and policies for global use. Building the technical platform and website master architecture that enables content to cascade throughout your organisation.

Two people are shaking hands


Project delivery support: stakeholder co-ordination; development of internal communication materials; active communication of core value proposition; creation of training videos and implementation of webinars.

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Enable global implementation: direct engagement withbrand teams to build master sites; support provided to global and localagencies; provision of technical and creative services to affiliates on-demand.


Take control of your web presence

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