Digital communications agency for the life science industry

Anthill provides complete digital marketing solutions for global pharma clients - rep sales tools, connected multichannel communications, patient engagement applications and conference activation.

Complete digital service

Anthill creates state-of-the-art digital communications matched with high levels of professional service for life science clients around the world. 

Anthill_icon_Blue_19_InteractiveDigital content

Engage healthcare professionals in your product story – enabling them to embrace its unique benefits.

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Anthill_icon_Blue_05_ServiceActivation services

Get the full benefit of your digital tools, with Anthill’s project activation services.

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Anthill_icon_Blue_02_DigitalTechnology approach

Get platform-agnostic content and innovations that turbo-charge your communication systems.

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Anthill_icon_Blue_26_StrategyStrategic communication

Connect the right strategy with your technology for high value and effective digital communication.

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Managing digital communications from HQ

Discover how to get consistent international marketing while meeting the local needs of affiliates.

Latest news & views


Meet Anthill at conferences in London

Aug 19, 2016

Our team will participate in two conferences in London this October to talk about Anthill’s proven approach to multichannel pharma marketing. Provide value to professionals.

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What kind of customer data are you getting?

Aug 10, 2016

You know that customer data should help you plan your marketing and sharpen your messages. So why does so much data collection tell you so little about your customers?

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Are you getting these benefits from your digital technology?

Jul 20, 2016

Your organisation switched from ‘paper to glass’, hiring digital agencies to fill them with eye-catching content. But what happened?

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