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Anthill provides complete digital marketing solutions for global pharma clients - rep sales tools, connected multichannel communications, patient engagement applications and conference activation.

Complete digital service

Anthill creates state-of-the-art digital communications matched with high levels of professional service for life science clients around the world. 

Anthill_icon_Blue_19_InteractiveDigital content

Engage healthcare professionals in your product story – enabling them to embrace its unique benefits.

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Anthill_icon_Blue_05_ServiceActivation services

Get the full benefit of your digital tools, with Anthill’s project activation services.

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Anthill_icon_Blue_02_DigitalTechnology approach

Get platform-agnostic content and innovations that turbo-charge your communication systems.

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Anthill_icon_Blue_26_StrategyStrategic communication

Connect the right strategy with your technology for high value and effective digital communication.

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How personalising multichannel improves customer experience

May 24, 2017

With HCP access at a premium, look to personalize the experience to deliver more value.

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What’s next after e-detailing?

May 15, 2017

You have your e-detailing system in place and are now thinking about multichannel. You know that this is ‘what’s next’ but it seems like too big of a step.

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Digital Pharma Europe: Introducing an agile approach to multichannel marketing

May 9, 2017

We are excited to exhibit and speak at the Digital Pharma Europe conference, May 18-19th, in London.

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