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 Proven pharma product launch experience
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 HCP and patient stakeholder engagement expertise
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Prepare for explosive growth  

HCPs always want to hear about new treatments, but the pharma launch window closes fast. Unless you succeed quickly, it is hard to catch up. About 70 percent of products that miss expectations at launch continue doing so in subsequent years.1 It is essential, therefore, to set the right launch trajectory early. You achieve this by ensuring your organisation’s readiness, maximising engagement opportunities pre-launch, and quickly scaling your marketing reach.

Market shaping: organisational readiness and pharma pre-launch excellence produce the desired launch trajectory

Ensure organisational launch readiness

Too often, pharma product launches are presented as an academic exercise, while they are more like a street fight in which the strongest and fastest succeed. Strategy matters immensely, but it is just one factor. Launch excellence is achieved when all elements are optimal: strategy, branding, content planning, omnichannel execution, and the MarTech stack.  

Every company’s launch capabilities are different — with unique strengths and weaknesses. The need to meet your organisation's requirements is why Anthill recommends a launch excellence audit (if we haven't worked together recently). This short process determines the support that your organisation requires and enables us to create a precise launch roadmap — not generic plans. For example, companies may be very strong in strategic thinking but weaker in omnichannel execution or need specific MarTech support.  

Anthill works with you to ensure you have the necessary marketing muscle in all areas. In this way, we achieve the launch results you need and leave your organisation stronger when the project is complete.  

Shape your organisation for pharma product launch excellence with Anthill
Anthill enables you to shape your organisation for pharma product launch excellence

Front-load the engagement

You achieve an explosive launch by first shaping the market. In other words, you maximise your pre-launch opportunities to build momentum — so you're already moving at speed on launch day. This pharma pre-launch ‘shaping’ phase also enables you to avoid many common causes of underperformance — such as insufficient market understanding or poor product differentiation.

Our high-performance go-to-market models emphasise a strong medical programme and active stakeholder relations. Engaging the medical community and patient groups galvanises medical interest and activates patients for whom treatment is suboptimal. Anthill’s consultants work directly with you on these market-shaping strategies.  

Your team will include product launch experts with a proven industry track record who can guide you through the process. Our Medical consultants can assist your in-house teams with strategic plans and scientific communication, develop powerful value statements, identify stakeholders, and conduct research on your behalf. And as a renowned digital agency, we apply our expertise in new technology to increase and extend the impact of your pre-marketing strategy.

Scientific meetings and congresses are no longer the sole — or even the primary — arena for clinical discourse. Now, it is in the digital space that you achieve the reach and repeat engagement required for pre-launch excellence. Anthill’s expertise in the effective and appropriate use of digital communications amplifies your message.

Pharma product launch trajectory
Start early: organisational readiness and pharma pre-launch excellence produce the desired launch trajectory

Why Anthill?

Proven pharma product launch experience covering, product portfolio and launch to new customer types

Omnichannel capabilities including launch events to drive HCP adoption and behavioural change

Experience executing communication strategies, brand / portfolio universes / lifecycle management

Detail-focused mindset with well-established processes for review, referencing and quality assurance

Proven toolbox for stakeholder management, including affiliate support for localisation

Dedicated and consistent agency team and capacity for launching across several countries simultaneously

Maximise impact at launch

The first three to six months of a pharma product launch are critical. Anthill's renowned expertise in salesforce empowerment and our complete toolbox of digital channels, e.g. eDetailing, remote detailing, and rep-triggered email, enable the required reach and contact frequency — especially when these channels are orchestrated with an omnichannel strategy.

Anthill’s omnichannel solutions achieve the deep engagement characteristic of successful pharma product launches. Instead of disconnected siloed channels, launch excellence today requires a digital ecosystem in which channels and content connect — creating highly engaging customer experiences. We enable you to carefully sequence touchpoints into customer journeys that keep people clicking and learning.

Omnichannel matters in all stages of a product lifecycle, but particularly at launch. You want HCPs to move rapidly through the awareness, belief and support stages. An omnichannel approach achieves this by efficiently orchestrating channels and content in ways that build momentum — empowering customers to propel themselves up your adoption ladder.

More on Anthill’s omnichannel solutions

Doctor is holding an iPad with eDetailing presentation
Omnichannel customer journeys rapidly move HCPs through the stages of awareness, belief and support

Automate engagements to boost reach

With Anthill, you can access the latest automated HCP engagement channels. These solutions are an excellent supplement to sales force activity in pharma product launches — and are vital in the initial months when boosting reach and contact frequency matters most.

Automated engagement — also known as ‘self-detailing’ — provides HCPs with on-demand brand and medical content, available 24/7 — all delivered in a friendly, natural way. HCPs click their way through ‘structured conversations’ at speed. In this way, they get a fast ‘chat-like’ experience that’s personalised to their specific needs. This approach also ensures that MLR is straightforward. In fact, we’ve experienced some of the fastest approvals ever with these solutions.

More on automated engagement solutions

An example of automated engagement designed for HCPs
Automated engagement increases reach and contact frequency in the critical first months of launch

Safely apply AI to pharma product launches

Generative AI massively increases the content available for pharma product launches, making it possible to target your marketing precisely. Our latest solutions — developed in partnership with leading healthcare companies — apply AI technologies intelligently to your marketing systems using modular content. Because modular content is pre-approved and works across channels, you can confidently use AI to assemble it. This approach ensures MLR compliance because the AI is inventing nothing. It simply selects and combines pre-approved modules.

As a result, you safely enable entirely new workflows. Users now give the AI tasks using natural, everyday language: “I want to create an email including at least two patient profiles. Add a section about our upcoming congress.” The AI then identifies the available content modules, confirms them with you, and automatically applies them to a template — producing results you can see immediately.

For pharma product launches, AI provides a significant competitive advantage. It dramatically reduces production time, enables rapid go-to-market campaigns, and simplifies HCP omnichannel engagement.

Anthill Arcane: enable the rapid creation of go-to-market tactics
Anthill’s AI solutions enable the rapid creation of go-to-market tactics

Pharma product launch excellence

Anthill’s services enable you to shape the market and your organisation for effective product launches. We provide proven strategies and capabilities, powerful branding for a consistent visual appearance, omnichannel expertise for the right customer experience, content that engages HCPs, and we ensure that your MarTech stack is fully-optimised. Talk to us about your specific launch challenge.

Anthill Arcane: enable the rapid creation of go-to-market tactics
Anthill product launch services shape the market for launch success


Set up for success. Leverage Anthill’s medical and commercial capabilities to shape your organisation and the market to achieve the desired launch trajectory.

Launch strategy

Get the core strategy with customer profiles, channel selection and sequencing, message creation and orchestration, and analytics to track engagement.

Creative magic

Get behaviour-changing results at every step of the customer journey. Anthill's experience ensures that you get the maximum impact from every channel.

MarTech excellence

Partner with our technology experts to optimise your MarTech stack and access our content management solutions that speed approvals and empower affiliates.

Affiliate engagement

Empower everyone to act. Anthill engages affiliates to ensure everyone fully understands, supports and implements your launch strategy.

How can we help?

Healthcare product launch success is built on operational excellence. Every step — from devising the digital engagement strategy to each moment of HCP interaction — needs to be perfect. Companies that achieve this level of excellence operate with a competitive advantage and exceed expectations.

  • Detail my launch roadmap and milestones

  • Create behaviour-changing launch content

  • Orchestrate channels for exceptional HCP experiences

  • Safely apply AI to boost content volume

  • Optimise your MarTech stack

  • Engage and support affiliates for operational launch excellence


Your launch partner

Access Anthill’s proven launch capabilities, creative excellence, and the latest digital channels.

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1.    Deloitte Insights: Key factors to improve drug launches, March 2020