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Pharma content supply chains have become overstretched by the rapid growth of digital marketing. As the amount of content increases, so do the requirements for marketing team supervision, LMR approvals, production costs, and localization efforts.

These internal structures and processes are now breaking down – creating backlogs and bottlenecks – because they were never designed to meet these demands.

Our ‘content excellence’ programme enables you to solve these challenges by rethinking the traditional supply chain – putting in place a scalable solution that meets your pressing needs today and in the future.

Talk to us about a content excellence programme that fits your company’s requirements. The solution might be easier than you think.

4 main benefits that content excellence brings to you
Content excellence brings four major benefits to pharma companies

An ever-growing challenge

The traditional content supply chain was born in a ‘paper world’ rather than the digital one in which we now live. That meant that it was designed for a relatively small amount of material in very few channels. Yet while pharma marketing has been transformed by digital communication technologies, the system that supports it is mostly unchanged.

This traditional supply chain is now struggling to cope with the content production and approval requirements for an ever-increasing number of channels: eDetailing presentations for multiple indications, self-service detailing websites, approved email, remote engagement tools, webinar materials. And it has not yet seriously attempted to deal with the requirement that each of these channels become personalized for different customer profiles and continually refreshed with new content – all of which are advantages that technology offers but mostly go unrealised.

The content supply chain is already slow, inefficient, ineffective and expensive. It will only get worse. And there is a human cost too – it is frustrating and often exhausting for everyone involved. Colleagues in Legal /Medical are struggling to review and approve ever-increasing amounts of content. And they just see a continually growing backlog of work. Brand teams are frustrated that things move so slowly. And affiliates too are stressed by the localisation expectations that keep rising.

The problem does not lie with any one department or function. It is systemic. The system simply wasn’t designed for the digital world. Increasing content production budgets — spending more to produce more — won’t solve the problem. What is needed is a supply chain that is designed for digital content. That system is content excellence.

Whitepaper: content excellence

Learn how to increase content supply chain efficiency,
reduce content costs, and speed time-to-market


A fresh approach

Content excellence’ means optimising your content supply chain for the digital world. It speeds up the whole process by making each phase – content creation, approval, production, and distribution – more efficient. This requires a clear strategy and detailed implementation plan, which we develop through a 4-step process:

Initiation: a situational analysis to understand how you work with content in your organisation and how your content supply chains fit together. This process uncovers the pain points and bottlenecks that need to be fixed. In effect, stage one of the content excellence process provides the rationale for change – therefore also providing the means to get buy-in from internal stakeholders.

Solution: a plan that details your content excellence strategy. This describe show you will create content in the future: your content creation vision. And how this will be realised: your implementation roadmap. These two elements – your vision and roadmap – enable us to build the business case, identify the implications in terms of people, processes, partnerships and platforms, and create a plan to take action. 

Implementation plan: your content production model and organisational setup. This phase explores the implications for your people, processes and partnerships. The result is a detailed implementation plan that describes the required organisational setup, people’s roles and responsibilities, and what costs will be incurred to make that change.

Technology: your requirements for technology platforms, systems and tools. This phase analyses your current technologies and their application to your content excellence strategy. This also details how these tools and systems can be optimised and potential ‘gaps’ identified that can be filled by technologies that can speed up content creation, approval, management and localisation.

These 4 steps provide both a content excellence strategy and a plan for implementation that meets the specific needs of your organisation and is designed for the requirements of digital content. The result is content that is less costly and far quicker and easier to produce. It also is future proof, able to cope with pharma’s ongoing digital transformation. And it takes the stresses and burdens off internal stakeholders throughout the organisation – from LMR to affiliate localisation.



Situational analyses
Rationale for change
Potential solutions
Expected outcomes



Content creation vision
Business case
Organisational implications


Implementation plan

Production models
Stakeholder roles
Implementation plan


Technology requirements 

Platform needs
Technology use scenarios
Cost outline

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Learn what's possible

Learn how Novo Nordisk partnered with Anthill to implement modular content and speed omnichannel content creation.

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Content excellence expertise

Make content production easier, faster and much cheaper. And simplify the process for all internal stakeholders. Anthill can partner with you throughout the content excellence process – providing the project management expertise, technical smarts and creative know-how that together ensure a smooth process.

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A clear plan

Everything you need to get started: analysis of your current content production chain, development of your content vision and roadmap, an implementation plan and technology recommendations.

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Technology optimisation

Optimising and updating your technology systems and tools for content excellence. Depending on your needs and existing investments, this could include applying tools such as Anthill Activator to your Veeva Vault.

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Smart content

Developing and implementing a modular content system that makes LMR approvals far easier and content much cheaper and faster by developing content elements or modules that work across multiple channels.

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The human factor

Content production involves many different stakeholders across your organization. That’s why it’s essential to take account of the human factor and engage people early in the content excellence process to build support.

What do you want Anthill to do?

Content excellence – speeding and simplifying content production – is new to many companies in the pharma. While everyone is keenly aware of the problems, many companies are only just now beginning to seek solutions. For a few others, content excellence is a process that is already underway or even nearing completion. That means that any solution needs to fit your organisation’s specific needs. Where do you need to start?

  • Identify what’s slowing content production in my organisation

  • Build consensus on the need for more efficient content production

  • Provide my content excellence strategy and implementation plan

  • Assess my ‘technology stack’ and recommend how it can be optimised

  • Implement a modular content approach  to make my content more cost-effective 

  • Run a content excellence pilot programme to demonstrate effectiveness


Speed time-to-market

Work with a partner who understands the strategy, technology, content and human factors that enable content excellence.

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