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High-value engagement

eDetailing is often the primary marketing channel for life science companies — for a good reason. Done right, eDetailing provides a high-value, personalised experience for healthcare professionals (HCPs). And for pharma and MedTech, it offers a unique opportunity for focused concentration on their products’ benefits.

Today’s eDetailing is often deeply connected with a wider channel ecosystem — providing an essential waypoint on a planned ‘customer journey’. And novel, more flexible forms of eDetailing open new opportunities for life science companies to meet HCPs’ changing needs. Talk to us to learn what’s possible.

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eDetailing provides high value, focused concentration on your product story

A unique channel

Value: eDetailing enables pharma reps and medical science liaisons (MSLs) to provide quality presentations to HCPs using a mobile device. It is often the primary channel for companies to inform HCPs about innovations, share developments in medical science, and train specialists, doctors and nurses on the optimal use of pharma’s products. The in-person one-to-one nature of these interactions makes eDetailing particularly appropriate for building long-term relationships.

Engagement: By replacing paper-based sales aids, eDetailing enables you to provide more engaging experiences for HCPs. In particular, the intelligent use of interactivity draws people into your product story, turning passive listening into an active and engaging experience. eDetailing is most effective when the potential of the technology is unlocked with powerful content — supported by an in-built storytelling structure that underlies all great presentations.

Connected: Today, eDetailing often exists in a channel ecosystem. While it is usually the first digital asset that pharma companies put in place — and remains a great place to start — eDetailing now plays a crucial role in customer journey planning. It provides the ‘human element' to increasingly online engagements and enables in-depth discussion of your product benefits. When sequenced correctly, eDetailing meetings deepen understanding, correct misconceptions, and act as a springboard for further exploration in other channels.

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eDetailing: the role in pharma omnichannel marketing strategies
eDetailing plays a crucial role in omnichannel marketing strategies

Continuing innovation

Flexibility: While eDetailing is now well-established, innovation continues. New technologies are empowering companies to provide eDetailing experiences in more flexible ways, offering HCPs greater choice in how they can engage with pharma. For example, virtual meeting technology has enabled eDetailing meetings to be run online. These remote sessions allow HCPs to view presentations, ask questions, and participate in discussions — just as they would in a physical meeting. This provides HCPs with greater flexibility for meeting scheduling and has proven very popular.

On-demand: Another innovation is self-service eDetailing. This provides an on-demand detailing experience so HCPs can access your presentation anytime. Pioneered by Anthill, this approach makes a presentation available online in a secure and fully-compliant way. While HCPs can interact directly with the content, the rep-guided nature of eDetailing is maintained by adding digital brand assistants to the content, powered by ‘chatbot’ technology. This approach is particularly popular with HCPs who either do not want face-to-face meetings or prefer to review the content at their own pace.

Experience: New content possibilities are also continually introduced. Anthill’s eDetailing solutions offer options like a ‘shopping basket’ to which HCPs can add materials flagged during the engagement. These are then automatically emailed once the session is complete. This is a great way to help HCPs go deeper into topics when they have more time. We are also now providing the ability for HCPs to order patient information — targeted to different patient groups — right from an eDetailing presentation. These are then printed and automatically delivered to the HCP.

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New forms of remote eDetailing are proving popular with HCPs

Unified strategy, content and technology

eDetailing solutions that deliver results

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Benefits of eDetailing

As you should expect from a prestige one-to-one channel, eDetailing will provide a high-value customer experience — if implemented correctly. With the right strategy, content and technology, eDetailing enables the in-depth medical discussions that HCPs prize. While there are now many more excellent pharma marketing channels, eDetailing uniquely combines the benefits of digital communication with human, in-person interactions that build long-term relationships.

Impact: Deliver interactive content that fully engages HCPs in your product story

Consistency: Enable all reps to provide a consistently high-quality detailing experience

Experience: Connect eDetailing to other channels for a great customer experience

Relevance: Respond to individual customer needs with customer profiles and flexible content

Agility: Learn from HCP interactions to improve your marketing content and services

Flexibility: Switch between in-person, physical meetings and remote sessions whenever required

Anthill eDetailing services

Anthill can partner with you throughout the remote detailing process – providing services that take you all the way from developing the strategy to analytics that demonstrate ROI. And at any point in between. So, if you’re looking for an experienced remote engagement partner, do get in touch.

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Smart thinking

Anthill has the expertise to partner with you throughout the eDetailing process — providing the strategy, project management, technical knowhow and creative impact that result in your customer teams delivering an experience that gets noticed.

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Data strategy

Whether you want to enable more agile marketing by responding to customer interactions or using eDetailing data to trigger the next phase of a customer journey, Anthill has the expertise to make it happen.

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Creative execution

Stand out with creativity that focuses attention, involves people in your product story, and provides the value that has HCPs looking forward to the next session.

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Technical knowhow

Partner with our technology experts who will maximise the benefits of your eDetailing solution — fixating on the details to ensure that everything works exactly as it should.

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Affiliate engagement

Take account of the human factor and get the full benefit from eDetailing by ensuring that affiliates fully understand, support, and implement the solution in their markets.

Learn what’s possible

Partner with Anthill and get the eDetailing solution that's right for you. Whether this is creating a 'short call' presentation that tells your brand story succinctly or integrating eDetailing into a wider channel ecosystem, Anthill has the experience and expertise to make it happen.

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