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 Quickly build Commercial competencies in an engaging way
Transform standard training materials into high-impact videos
Use digital ’avatar’ presenters that increase engagement

Build easily-distributed ‘micro-learning’ content
Ensure low-cost production with AI technologies
Update content easily and provide multiple language versions

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Low engagement, high potential

Many healthcare companies have invested heavily in training to build competencies throughout their commercial organisations. Brand managers are provided with materials that explain brand strategy, omnichannel and customer journey planning, modular content and, increasingly, the safe and effective use of AI. People in customer-facing roles are provided with materials to build their understanding of the sales model and develop competencies in effective eDetailing and approved email.

Yet, despite the investment, engagement is often low. Many companies report that people review the content once and never return. Or they experience that training materials are just used for onboarding new employees rather than building the competencies of the whole organisation.

This lack of engagement hinders an organisation’s growth potential. Keeping employees upskilled in the relevant disciplines is imperative for any healthcare company.

Activate your investments

While training content is often excellent — providing detailed best practices — it is too disconnected from people’s everyday workflows. In many companies, the reality is text-heavy slides, documents andPDFs stored centrally on a learning management system (LMS). This requirement for people to set aside significant time and navigate to a central LMS content repository is a barrier to regular engagement.

Consequently, more companies are now implementing a micro-learning strategy. Instead of large amounts of information detailing whole topics, training materials are broken down into bite-sized ‘snackable’ content. This approach has two benefits.

Firstly, it is less intimidating because each interaction takes a few minutes. By keeping the duration short, you build engagement habits and a learning culture. Secondly, this content is easy to distribute through standard internal channels. The content appears right in their email inbox, pops up regularly in collaboration software like Microsoft Teams, or is delivered via a message on their phone. In this way, people don’t have to remember what’s available and set aside time to review it — training becomes part of their daily workflows.

·      Leverage investments: Transform existing materials into more engaging formats
·      Micro-learning: Provide ‘bite-sized’ content to create a habit of continuous learning
·      Connected to operations:
Distribute regularly via internal channels to integrate into everyday work.

Put a human face to training content

You can heighten the impact of micro-learning strategies by selecting the correct content formats. Short texts with actionable, easy-to-follow steps are always popular. (If you see materials saved to people's desktops, you've got it right.) But there are now more options.

Video is particularly compelling. When kept short, video complements a micro-learning approach by bringing topics to life. Many people now prefer it for 'how to' information, so video further boosts engagement —especially if there is a human presenter.

Until recently, the main drawback was video's cost and complexity. Creating a PDF was much easier than writing scripts, hiring presenters, and booking film crews. But that is no longer the case. Video production becomes simple, fast, and cost-effective using the right technologies.

Using an AI-generated presenter makes your content engaging while reducing production time and costs

How it works

To keep costs low and production speed high, Anthill uses generative AI tools throughout the process. First, we leverage your existing investments, instructing AI tools to ‘read’ your training materials and generate video scripts. These are then checked for factual accuracy and edited to ensure the messages are powerfully communicated and the correct tone of voice shines through. We then apply the video scripts to another generativeAI system. This uses a highly realistic digital avatar to present the content.This approach provides a 'human' face that makes video engaging. Final edits are then made for an optimal presentation.

By working in this way, large numbers of videos can be produced quickly (usually, the process is completed in a few weeks). The video content is then distributed via your internal channels — generating data to inform the next steps. For example, popular topics can be noted and receive more attention in the future. And any underperforming videos improved because fully digital video is simple to edit. You only need to make script changes —no complex or costly reshoots are required.

In our experience, this approach is far more engaging than traditional training content and supports existing investments. An LMS, for example, benefits greatly from regularly surfacing training content because it encourages people to explore topics in depth once their interest is awakened.

AI tools speed production and reduce costs

Anthill AI training video services

Don't let your training materials gather dust. Empower your teams with engaging, AI-generated video content. Turning training materials into easily consumed 'bite-sized' videos transforms learning into a continuous journey.

Anthill provides highly engaging training videos produced with accelerated production timelines

Project initiation

Review existing training materials and plan for the project scope, e.g., the number of videos and the topics.

AI script generation

Creation of initial scripts with AI tools that leverage your existing training materials.

Script refinement

Script review to confirm factual accuracy and message delivery. Editing and tone-of-voice refinement.

AI video generation

Creation of the video series using a digital avatar to present the scripts in a compelling manner.

Final package

Content review and editing to ensure a compelling presentation. Preparation for internal distribution.

How can we help?

Embrace innovation, elevate engagement, and unleash your team’s potential with Anthill's ground-breaking solution. Experience the future of pharmaceutical training — empowered by AI. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

  • Assess the potential of my existing training content for a more dynamic presentation

  • Provide a plan detailing the content that can be produced

  • Use generative AI to develop a series of impactful videos at speed

  • Format the videos for easy distribution through my internal communication networks

  • Provide different language versions to engage my organisation better

  • Monitor performance and quickly update the content in response to data


Unleash potential, elevate performance

Activate your training materials with compelling video content — produced at speed.

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