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Approved email (or rep email) is a key channel in pharma marketing. Done right, it will build relationships with healthcare professionals (HCPs) . Anthill’s approved email solutions make the most of the channel’s potential – activating your reps and MSLs to engage HCPs effectively and with confidence.

We make approved email simple for you with a full range of services: consulting on the overall strategy; permissions setup; creative content that meets the realities and constraints of email; quality assurance you can rely on; data and analytics; pre-engagement and post-engagement tactics. And more.

An essential channel

Despite an ever-increasing number of digital channels available to pharma marketers, approved email (or rep-triggered email) remains central to many companies’ HCP engagement strategies. Its value was demonstrated during the COVID pandemic – providing an easy way for companies to maintain essential links with HCPs. In fact, approved email was considered one of the most impactful channels, together with live webinars and live remote detailing

Great rep email communication in pharma is now essential, providing the opportunity to nurture one-to-one relationships with HCPs. Companies that do this well – understanding HCP expectations and meeting the specific requirements of approved email – are operating with competitive advantage.

Reinforce messaging
Followup face-to-face and remote detailing sessions and enable HCPs to further explore your content

High engagement
Get better enagement results with HCP's preferring information from known and trusted senders.

Contact frequency
Empower reps and MSLs to maintain regular contact with HCPs and access hard-to-reach customers

Brand consistency
Help customer-facing staff stay ‘on-brand’ with prepared content and templates

Gather insights
Track open rates and other engagement metrics to understand needs and tailor future interactions

Customer experience
Deliver relevant and personalised information from a trusted source in a timely manner

What do you want Anthill to help with?

Talk to an Anthill consultant about the right way to set up your approved email engagement, get content that drives open rates, and optimise your tech solution to make it easy for reps and MSLs.

Valued by HCPs (if done right)

Approved emails are more effective than standard corporate emails,² having the advantage of coming from a known and trusted source (the rep or MSL). If you get the basics right, your rep email channel will deliver. But never let go of its fundamental value: personalised one-to-one communication from someone that an HCP knows. Approved email must never become a broadcast tool or it will devalue the rep or MSL in the eyes of an HCP. Trust must be earned and maintained.

35% of emails from rep are opened by doctors

Rep email success factors

  • The right permissions and HCP consent setup

  • Appropriate frequency of contact, with value delivered in every email

  • The right level of content configuration, ensuring personalisation while being easy to use

  • Quickly demonstrating value to an HCP, with clear messages and call-to-actions (CTAs)

  • Reps and MSLs that know how to engage with email and are confident with the solution

  • Sufficient content for reps and MSLs to plan their engagements over time

  • Great copywriting and design

  • Choosing topics that are proven to be popular with HCPs

  • Using email to create connected, multi-stage customer journeys

  • Quality assurance that ensures your content displays properly on any device or system

Case study

Learn how a major pharma company used Anthill Activator to reduce
Veeva Approved Email content costs and speed time-to-market

read the case study

A fundamental building block

The simplicity of approved email, coupled with the fact that it goes direct to HCPs, makes it very useful in many aspects of pharma marketing and sales communication. It is a great way to connect HCPs with content in other channels like portals, product websites and today’s new self-service detailing systems. It is also essential in multichannel and omnichannel communications.

If you’re working with a customer journey strategy – connecting and sequencing channels and content to move HCPs through an adoption process – approved email is a key building block. It’s a great way to introduce HCPs to these communication flows, getting them to the starting point, and then moving them forward to the next stage. Approved email can even enable reps and MSLs to create specific personal journeys for their HCP contacts. By applying their knowledge of an HCP’s needs, they can design a precise pathway through your content elements and channels.

A role of Approved Email in customer journey strategy

Anthill approved email services

Anthill can partner with you throughout the approved email process – providing services that take you all the way from developing the strategy to  analytics that demonstrate ROI. And at any point in between. So, if you’re looking for an  experienced partner, do get in touch.

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Smart thinking

A clear strategy that drives your HCP email engagement – consent and permissions setup, pre-engagement tactics, post-engagement channels, and customer journey planning

Co-workers high-fived

Technical expertise

Emails that display perfectly, despite a fragmented ecosystem of multiple email clients, operating systems, and device screen sizes – desktop, laptop, tablets, phones and watches.

Creative team working on the project together

Creative execution

Standout creative – copywriting and visual elements – that get your message across in a few seconds, while meeting the tough constraints and realities of approved email.

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Affiliate engagement

Account for the ‘Human Factor ’ and get the full benefit from approved email by ensuring that affiliates fully understand, support, and implement the solution in their markets.

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Quality assurance

The double-checks and attention to detail that ensures your emails never get stuck in spam filters, that all links are validated, and accessibility issues are caught and solved early.

What do you want Anthill to help with?

Approved email is a key channel in pharmaceutical marketing. While HCPs do value the channel,² they demand clear, high-quality content that’s delivered at the right frequency and in the right format. By respecting an HCP’s time, and mastering both the constraints and advantages of this essential one-to-one channel, rep email will deliver excellent results. But with just seconds to engage, every detail needs to be correct.

  • Provide my approved email strategy

  • Advice on the right technology

  • Consent and permissions setup

  • Create the perfect template

  • Write, design, upload and test my content

  • Fix my existing approved email content

  • Engage and empower affiliates to act

  • Connect my approved email to other channels


Deliver a great experience

Work with an experienced partner that understands the strategy, technology, content, and human factors that determine approved email success.

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