Ensuring brand consistency with Activator


Align messaging and ensure better brand consistency across markets


Implement a centralised content approach and use Activator to ensure a unified way to create, adapt, approve and track content


Message consistency, transparency and actionable insights on content performance

The need for a more aligned content strategy

A leading European pharmaceutical company wanted to centralise their organisation to ensure brand consistency and provide more coherent omnichannel experiences for doctors and pharmacists.

Due to the company’s decentralised organisational structure that favored market and brand autonomy, campaigns were typically developed independently for brands or local markets. Consequently, key messages and claims varied significantly from market to market — resulting in a lack of brand and message consistency.

"Activator is one of our key solutions in our global digital marketing ecosystem"

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Building an effective content production process

The solution was to switch to a more centralised approach in which Global Marketing controlled content creation and built a claims library that could be adapted and re-used across local markets – enabling affiliates to respond to local needs while ensuring message consistency, transparency and trackable insights.

To build master content, the company set up a content factory and focused on their top seven countries to concentrate their efforts. The new content approach also included the implementation of tools that tied directly into their existing Veeva ecosystem.

These changes included the implementation of a new content authoring and production process that would speed and streamline content creation, provide better transparency and harmonise insights across the organisation.

Content authoring platform that speeds content production in Veeva

To deliver on the new content strategy — and ensure a unified and efficient way to create, adapt, localise, approve, and track content — Anthill Activator was implemented. Activator is a content authoring tool that’s developed for Veeva to speed content production and make content authoring and MLR processes easier, more cost-effective, while ensuring insights about content performance.

Activator was chosen because it provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for content creation, editing, and localisation across channels used for personalised and rep-triggered communications. The initial focus was on Approved Email and eDetailing but longer term there was a need to extend to content production for web and social media channels.

Another reason for choosing Activator was its deep integration to Veeva Vault that enabled the company to maintain Veeva as their ‘single source of truth’, while getting the flexibility and speed they needed.

Finally, a long-lasting and close relationship with Anthill was key: the company needed a partner with extensive knowledge about how pharma works and how the best-performing companies are using digital technologies to deliver services that HCPs value.

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