How to dramatically increase ROI on your eDetailing content

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In our new e-book, we show how you can take your e-detailing content and make it available to HCPs 24/7 – without losing the ‘guided’ experience that makes it so valuable.

New technologies and Anthill knowhow actually make this quite simple – so you can act quickly to dramatically raise the level of service that you’re providing HCPs right now.

Does your best content go unseen?

E-detailing content is a major investment and is often the best content that marketers on their products. Yet it is often only shown to HCPs for just a few minutes at each visit. And it is not uncommon that some of content won’t ever be seen by an HCP, given the limited time available.

In the past, that’s just been something that we’ve all had to accept. But no longer.

The latest ‘self-detailing’ technologies enable you to take your existing e-detailing presentations and make it available on-demand to all HCPs every day of the year.

Embedding the rep

A real detailing experience is made possible by adding a digital guide to the content. This isn’t just your e-detailing presentation uploaded online but, in a sense, your customer team too. That means that the very same content that you have carefully prepared for physical meetings can be used online too.

There are multiple ways to add this digital guide:

  • Audio (voiceover)
  • Visual overlays added to the different presentation sections
  • Digital service bot

The service bot, in particular, adds greatly to the experience because this technology can very closely replicate the work of your customer teams – enabling HCPs to ask questions, state preferences and order additional services just as they would normally.

Demonstrating ROI

For marketers under pressure to show results – or those just wanting a better understanding of how their content is performing! – this approach offers significant advantages.

Firstly, by being fully digital, every aspect of the interaction can be tracked. Self-detailing creates an entirely ‘pure’ environment in which the differences in approaches and skills of individual reps cannot affect the outcomes. Everything is determined by your content.

This then enables A/B testing of content. You can trial multiple versions of a presentation or specific slides to quickly learn which is most effective. Again, because it isn’t possible to ‘go off-script’, the results can only be affected by the content itself.

Download the eBook

In the e-book, you’ll also discover how to connect the self-detailer to channels that HCPs use as a normal part of daily life such as mobile messaging services. That means that your self-detailer is a useful addition and improvement to the communication tools that they are already using.


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