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Remote detailing enables reps and MSLs to engage HCPs directly online – replicating the face-to-face experience – while providing more flexibility and opening new opportunities.

Today’s remote detailing solutions can deliver interactive content that keeps HCPs engaged, in-session data that enables reps to discover individual HCP needs, presenter video that gives the personal touch, and content controls that enable full compliance. And more.

Anthill’s remote detailing solutions provide the complete package: providing the strategy that sets you up for success, technology optimization, and the content that delivers a high-value experience to HCPs every time.

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Following restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic, remote detailing was rapidly introduced as pharma sought to maintain its service provision to HCPs around the world. Remote detailing - once a novelty - is now an everyday occurrence and therefore excellence in this channel is a major competitive advantage. 

HCP is doing remote session with patient

Today’s remote detailing solutions enable reps and MSLs to communicate online in a way that is impactful and provides a great experience. Adding interactivity to content, for example, involves HCPs in the presentation and discourages multitasking (i.e. checking emails). Presenter ‘video chat’ likewise increases engagement and keeps the relationship-building personal touch of face-to-face meetings.

In-session ‘mini-polls’ are a great way for reps to learn about the audience’s knowledge levels. These polls can be run at the start of a call, enabling HCPs to direct the session towards topics that benefit them the most. And, when content is interactive, it’s possible for reps to get continual live feedback — via in-built data dashboards — that likewise help them respond to needs as they are revealed during the conversation.

Remote detailing also offers unique opportunities. MSLs and scientific specialists, always popular and in-demand, can be ‘dialled’ into sessions to answer an HCP’s specific questions or lead special sessions for multiple participants. Because remote engagement removes the issue of distance and travel time, these memorable high-quality experiences can be provided far more regularly than was possible before.

Content optimisation to provide the best experience on any platform (Veeva Engage Meetings to Microsoft Teams)

Interactivity to increase HCPs engagement and discourage multitasking during calls

Video calls to provide a personal touch to remote sessions and help reps 'read' the audience's interest levels

Technical consulting that finds exactly the right remote setup for your needs in all markets and regions

Veeva Engage Meetings excellence with Anthill's Veeva Technology Partner certification and experience

In-session data to enable reps to better understand how HCPs are responding to presentations in real-time

Dial-in experts like MSLs and product specialists into remote sessions for highly prized scientific discussions

Connected experiences with both automated and rep-triggered content for great pre-call and post-call experiences

Optimising Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other standard solutions to enable reps to better engage

Remote strategy consulting for the right combination of remote specialists, hybrid reps and remote MSLs

At Anthill, we not only work to ensure the perfect remote session but also pay attention to the pre-call and post-call experience. With ever more invites for remote sessions, companies need their pre-call experience to stand out and ensure that HCPs are keen to engage. The post-call experience is equally important, providing opportunities to follow-up on HCPs' questions, through automated or rep-triggered engagements in other channels like approved email or self-service on-demand systems. Ideally, every remote session would form part of a larger ‘customer journey’ in which HCPs continually move forward through an ecosystem of connected channels.

Remote detailing with Veeva Engage Meetings?

Anthill is a Veeva Content Partner with the highest level of certification and years of close collaboration. Learn what's possible with your Veeva solution.

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Anthill Remote Detailing Services

Anthill can partner with you throughout the remote detailing process – providing services that take you all the way from developing the strategy to analytics that demonstrate ROI. And at any point in between. So, if you’re looking for an experienced remote engagement partner, do get in touch.

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Smart thinking

Get the broader marketing strategies that realise the full flexibility that remote offers, and build your company’s reputation for always delivering excellence in remote engagements.

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Technical solution

Partner with our technology experts who will maximise your benefits from the technical solution – fixating on the details to ensure that everything works exactly as it should.

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Creative execution

Stand out with creative that focuses attention, involves HCPs in your product story, and provides the value that has people looking forward to the next engagement.

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Affiliate engagement

Take account of the ‘Human Factor’ and get the full benefit from remote technology by ensuring that affiliates fully understand, support, and implement the solution in their markets.

Gain an advantage

Medical professionals have recently demonstrated their willingness to engage remotely with pharma teams. Remote engagement has proven its value – providing new levels of flexibility and increasing the reach and capabilities of customer teams. And now that HCPs know what’s possible, expectations are rising. Companies that meet these needs – delivering a quality experience that rewards attention – are operating with significant competitive advantage.

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  • Provide my remote engagement strategy

  • Create remote content that better engages HCPs

  • Design my remote pre-engagement and post- engagement experience

  • Optimise my existing content for Teams or Zoom

  • Connect my remote experience to other channels

  • Empower my reps and MSLs to use remote with confidence


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