What great eDetailing looks like in 2022

Are there any reasons to be excited about eDetailing? We think so. After years getting the platforms in place, companies are now speeding up their innovation to make the most of every opportunity for direct contact with healthcare professionals.

To give you a flavour of what’s now possible, we asked some of our strategists, designers and technology experts to each point out an exciting development.

Always available, automated and online eDetailing presentations

“One area that’s growing rapidly is ‘self-detailing’. This takes your eDetailing presentation and puts it online in a way that HCPs can access in their own time. The smart part is that it’s not just a click through of an eDetailer but rather maintains the guided experience by using AI and chatbot technology to communicate personally with HCPs. It’s a great way to maximise your investments in eDetailing content avoid the ‘gap’ between rep visits.”

David Munksgaard, Senior Software Architect

Embedded intelligence

“We can now embed a lot of intelligence in your self-led details. This lets us build experiences that adapt to how HCPs engage with your content – and direct the conversation based on their preferences. This not only allows us to provide HCPs the experience of exploring your content independently, but ensures they are directed to the material that they are most interested in. In this way, we gain a lot of information on what HCPs find engaging and can drive those insights back to your CRM and field force.”

Tor Kristensen, Chief Technology Officer

Remote detailing presentations change how companies can engage

“One big change is that your sales team can now connect online and still give personal service. Remote detailing technology enables online meetings in which HCPs can see and interact with eDetailing presentations. That gives you most of the value of a physical meeting but with a lot more flexibility and at a reduced cost. The result is that it’s booming. And now remote meetings are part of many pharma companies’ market segmentation strategy.”

Alejandra Betancourt, VP of Customer Engagement

Next generation content for more impact

“I think that we underplay how good the content can be these days. A state-of-the-art eDetailer is nothing like a PowerPoint presentation put on a mobile device. Those days are long gone. Now it’s a truly interactive experience. It often reacts to how doctors use it. It presents content in different ways to meet people’s different learning preferences. It remembers where each doctor is in your product story, so they are always moving forwards. It really is a sensational channel when done right.”

Kim Riedel, Creative Director

Part of a channel ecosystem

“The new standard for eDetailers is that they form part of a channel ecosystem. Customer service teams have more options like approved email and remote solutions. These all need to work together. The advanced bit of an eDetailer today is that it isn’t living its own life away from other channels. It’s connected through data. A rep knows exactly what they should be discussing with a doctor and the eDetailer makes it happen. There are less opportunities for in-depth face-to-face discussions – a modern eDetailer makes those moments count.”

Jack McInnes, Strategy Manager

Lets raise the standard higher

There are many ways to improve your eDetailing – whether you’re primarily focused on face-to-face or remote HCP engagements. And the standard continues to be raised with improvements happening all the time. Talk to us about what’s now possible and the kind of results you can get with the latest innovations.

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