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Realizing the potential of digital

Anthill is a digital communications agency for the life sciences. Early on, we believed in the potential of digital. As one of the first agencies to specialise in digital life science communications, we saw an opportunity to solve our clients’ challenges by merging powerful storytelling with the scale and personalisation that technology makes possible.

Today, we partner with pharma companies around the world, delivering a wide range of services: digital marketing strategies at company-wide and brand levels; content elements and solutions for channels like eDetailing; omnichannel systems, technology integration services, and even our own products like Anthill Activator.

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The Human Factor

While technology provides a huge opportunity to transform pharma communication, the full potential can only be fully realised if you take account of people – their hopes, dreams, biases, needs and beliefs. That requires deeply understanding not just the audience but everyone – internally and externally – who are involved or impacted.

That’s why we always act with The Human Factor in mind. It’s fundamental to how we think and built into every project plan. Watch the video to learn how we apply human factor thinking in our daily work.

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Life Science Specialists

We partner with pharma clients around the world, helping them maximize the potential of digital communications to better engage and inform healthcare professionals, patients and other stakeholders.

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Pharma Partnerships

Anthill has worked with more than 77 life science brands, including seven of the top 30 pharmaceutical products based on revenue.