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Maximizing your Veeva solution results

Experience matters

Get great results with your Veeva solutions every time. Anthill, perhaps uniquely, has expertise in both Veeva content creation and technical development. This dual know how gives you a win-win: content that gets more from your Veeva system and a system that gets more from your content. Talk to us about maximising your Veeva solution’s potential.

International and local market Veeva projects

Anthill works on a global basis with life science companies wanting to maximise the return on their Veeva investments by optimising their systems and processes. We also enable brand teams to fully express their product stories by realising the full potential of Veeva in marketing communications. And we work with regions and individual markets on specific local Veeva projects.

Unique Veeva content and technology partnership

Anthill has worked closely with Veeva Systems for many years. On the content side, we have both individual and company-wide certification to develop content in all Veeva’s multichannel products, being a full Veeva Multichannel Partner.

We are also a Technology Partner – working with Veeva to extend their technical platforms and products. We even develop Veeva-endorsed software solutions like Anthill Activator that enable life science companies to maximise the value of their Veeva content investments.

Popular Veeva services

  • Closed loop marketing (CLM): data-driven HCP engagement tools and systems
  • Approved email (AE): empowering reps to respond to individual HCP needs
  • Channel orchestration: connecting Veeva channels  for unified communications, including Remote detailing via Engage Meetings and web content using Engage for Portals
  • Customer journey planning: tactical use of Veeva CLM and Engage products
  • Modular content: increased HCP relevance with personalised content delivery
  • Increased reach: online customer engagement with Veeva Engage
  • System planning: getting the right Veeva marketing setup for your needs
  • Internal training: knowledge sharing on Veeva best practices
  • Personalised support and guidance across the whole content creation pipeline.

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Veeva content agency: full multichannel partner

As a ‘content partner’, Anthill has the highest possible certification in Veeva multichannel products – awarded on a company-wide basis to the agency as a whole and individually to Anthill consultants and experts.

Content creation: full certification

Veeva CLM
Use closed-loop marketing across channels to forge deeper customer relationships

Approved Email
Send fully compliant approved email content to support tailored interactions with HCPs

Engage Product Family
Engage HCPs through applications for online meetings, webinars and web portals.

Veeva Vault Management
Manage content workflows and versioning across local, regional and global organisations

Veeva technology partner: system activation

Anthill’s close technology partnership with Veeva Systems enables our life science partners to get more from their Veeva investments. We provide technical expertise to ensure that your systems are optimised and consultancy that enables your people to maximise Veeva potential.

Popular Veeva technology services

  • Extend eDetailing: apply Veeva Engage products for more reach
  • Content structuring: enabling brand teams to meet affiliate needs
  • System planning: consultancy for optimising your Veeva system
  • Content approval systems: Simplifying content approval workflow
  • Internal training: knowledge sharing on Veeva best practices
  • Engage integration: integrate Veeva Engage into websites

Enriching the Veeva ecosystem

In addition to technical expertise and consultancy services, Anthill also develops technology products that enable you to get more value from Veeva’s solutions. Anthill Activator is a digital management platform that fully integrates with Veeva Vault. It activates your Veeva content with an intuitive visual tool that allows each market to adapt and update content. All content remains in Veeva Vault – ensuring security, improving version control, and reducing cost.


Work with the experts

You might simply want superb Veeva content. Or you might need to connect channels into a multichannel solution. Perhaps you need to empower reps to get more from your Veeva investments, or turn static channels into tactical customer journeys. Whatever your Veeva challenge, we have the experience to make it happen.

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