What kind of change management do we handle?

You’ve heard ‘digital transformation’ discussed for many years now. And yet you’re still hearing about it because, as an industry, pharma hasn’t quite cracked it. That’s because changing how we work, requires changing ourselves.

Digital transformation means orchestrating a multitude of departments, people, and strategies. At Anthill, we focus on two important elements of change management.


  • Change communication
  • Training

Our approach

We link our change management support to concrete initiatives. The most successful change management programs achieve long-term goals through short-term projects. Once you build belief in something specific — showing that it works — you gather momentum. This approach also makes it about concrete actions, rather than about abstract principles. It’s truly embedded into the organisation.

Within change communication we work to co-create a clear vision for these change efforts you are undergoing, and a compelling story that we know will resonate with employees. How changing visions are communicated within an organisation can have a profound impact on the success of any transformation effort. This is why we work closely with leadership and change agents to make sure the internal ownership is there, and we are careful to identify the right ways to initiate and maintain change communication plans. They need to last throughout the transformation process. 

Our training offering is one that has been developed from the core of our services and is another fundamental piece of the digital transformation puzzle. We’ve always appreciated the importance of training our clients on tools and solutions we deliver to them, or develop with them, and many of our trainings continue to be designed to help bring to life the implementation of these solutions.

We’ve also developed a series of trainings that focus on the bigger picture. This training works to help build common understanding across the wider organisation, upskill the teams identified to execute on new plans and tactics, and finally to assist the key leaders for the given projects and initiatives in achieving mastery of the topics or subjects necessary for success. 

We can cover the breadth of upskilling you need for your digital transformation, from understanding new strategic approaches for improved customer centricity to execution on multi-channel marketing plans.

Anthill crown royal blue Anthill Academy™

Anthill Academy is our series of eLearnings built to support the scalable, sustainable, skill building of our partners. Our academy focuses not only on learning best practice across new skill sets but also the important “why’s” for the latest in multi-channel and omni-channel marketing.

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