Why change management?

You’ve heard ‘digital transformation’ discussed for many years now. And yet you’re still hearing about it because, as an industry, pharma hasn’t quite cracked it. That’s because changing how we work, requires changing ourselves.

Digital transformation means orchestrating a multitude of departments, people, and strategies. Without a clear approach to change management, progress can be frustratingly slow.

Common change management projects

  • Change communication from leadership
  • Individual change agent strategies
  • Internal digital initiative roll out planning

Our approach

We link change management to concrete initiatives. The most successful change management programs achieve long-term goals through short-term projects. Once you build belief in something specific — showing that it works — you gather momentum. This approach also makes it about concrete actions, rather than about abstract principles. It’s truly embedded into the organisation.

To make this happen we take a holistic view of your organisation. Usually, this means working closely across a number of departments such as brand teams, corporate communications, management, and IT. 

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