Consulting at Anthill

When we talk consulting at Anthill we aren’t talking about 200 slide PPT decks. We aren’t talking about shiny shoes or great hair (don’t get us wrong though, we appreciate great hair). Consulting to us means matching our experts and specialists to your business so that the right decisions get made. That then gives you the confidence to act with conviction.

A team of experts

We don't have a team of 'consultants'. We have experts across the technology, creative, and strategic disciplines who work with you to define your action plan, build the case you need for internal buy-in, design customised solutions, and make sure it all happens on time and budget.

What is digital transformation?

Let's demystify the concept

Digital transformation - infographic -web

Two approaches

Typically, we address consulting in two different ways. The first, is offering time with our experts. This often takes the form of working one-to-one with you, or even becoming embedded in one of your teams for a time.

The second popular option is to include a certain amount of consulting as a part of a given project or identified opportunity. This time with our experts is typically used to help shape and direct the scope or concept of the project.

Common consultancy projects

  • Technical platform integration and processes
  • Defining omni-channel approach for your business
  • Modular content strategy orchestration

What’s important about our approach is that it isn’t generic advice. Rather, you get access to real experts who enable you to solve pressing business problems in concrete ways.

Meet our experts
How consulting plays a role in our work

Kristian Marquardsen

Director of Technical Services

Kristian works closely on the end-to-end production of Anthill solutions, including technical architecture, programming, quality assurance, project management, and consulting. When his expertise suits he partners with individuals and teams in our clients' organisations to design and execute the right technical solutions alongside them.

Areas of expertise:

  • Digital Asset Management
  • CRM, CLM, DAM integrations
  • IT Governance

David Munksgaard

Senior Software Architect

David studied software-development at the IT-University of Copenhagen. He transitioned into building web-applications with progressively larger sets of features and complexity. He now leads the charge as our chatbot expert, as we convey our vision of the Virtual Brand Assistant.

Areas of expertise:

  • AI
  • Natural language processing
  • Predictive modeling