Our "why"

We believe in many things, but at Anthill we decided to define the most powerful things we believed in that led us to do the work we do. Why do we get excited to see our colleagues and partners every day? Why healthcare? Why are we so passionate about technology and storytelling?

This is why.

We believe in a


We’re here because we believe that the life science industry can, and should be, a part of a brighter future in healthcare. We believe in the hundreds of thousands of people who go to work every day because they want to improve the lives of others. Our belief in a better future means we also accept our share of responsibility in it.

In a time of rapid change with the encroaching presence of technology giants, a decreasing sense of privacy, the rising cost of healthcare, increasing product development time and investment, and sophisticated customer expectations - it is more important than ever to understand our role in ensuring a better future for healthcare.

There are many inspiring examples of accomplishments and possibilities. Life expectancy continues to increase, improved treatments save millions of lives every year, genomics offers profound opportunities in personalised medicine. There are also many challenges yet to be faced and important conversations to be had. We believe that the life science industry should be a part of that conversation, and not just in regard to R&D and products, but as subject matter experts.

The future will arrive with or without us – we prefer if it arrives with us, shaped by our choices today.

We believe in


If knowledge is power - then we believe in more free outlets at airports. All our hard-won processes, shortcuts, technical knowledge, integration fixes, big visions, smart strategies, content expertise – all this and more, needs to be shared.

To build a better future in healthcare, we need our partners to know as much as we do.

That’s why we don’t treat our expertise as a commodity to be hoarded. It’s why we seek to transfer knowledge to our clients as fast as possible, making this process part of every project. And, as the pace of digital change continues to accelerate, it’s why we must keep learning. Every wall encountered is an opportunity to learn - how to build a ladder, braid rope, frame a door, construct a killer staircase. We don't believe in "I don't know" just "I don't know yet."

The more we learn, the more we can share – enabling everyone to create positive change in healthcare.

Have a question? Just ask. Seriously.

We believe in


Change starts with you. With us. Change is about a belief in doing things differently. We want to take the opportunity every day to create changes big or small that make a positive difference.

Start with a new idea. Start by saying it loud. It's ok if it's hard. Meaningful change is never easy, but it is the most rewarding - and even more so when done together. Find partners and make conscious decisions every day to be a part of the change you wish to see.

Choose to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. With enthusiasm. With intelligence. With the willingness to learn from mistakes and try again.

Bring friends.

We believe in


Bold thinking. Bold action. Bold can mean something different for all of us. What is bold to you may not be the same for others, but bold should always open doors, not close them. Bold is brave. Bold is about facing old challenges head on and exploring new ones with enthusiasm. Bold is not just something you do, it is something you feel – and it’s that feeling that becomes contagious.

Our bold attitude is reflected in our work and in our thought leadership. It’s an attitude we hope rubs off on those we work with. We celebrate out of the box thinkers and problem solvers. We refuse to let the fear of failure keep us, or you, from changing the game.

If you were less worried about doing it alone, or it not having been done before, what might you do differently?

Let’s be bold together.

We believe in


The change we want to see in healthcare can only happen if we work well with others and bring people together.

How we do it is just as important as what we do. That’s why we believe in co-creation, in sparring and breaking down silos. It’s why we’re high fivers and big supporters of elaborate handshakes.

We see the future of pharma as a round table, seats filled with people and organisations from different backgrounds. Each with different areas of expertise. All united in a common goal.

If you have great ideas or believe you may have a great partnership opportunity for us or the industry: reach out.

The door is open.