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Our Training offering is one that has developed from the core of our services and is another fundamental piece of the digital transformation puzzle. We’ve always appreciated the importance of training our clients on tools and solutions we delivered to them, or developed with them, and many of our trainings continue to be designed to help bring to life the implementation of these solutions.

We’ve also developed a series of trainings that focus on the bigger picture. This training works to help build common understanding across the wider organisation, upskill the teams identified to execute on new plans and tactics, and finally to assist the key leaders for the given projects and initiatives in achieving mastery of the topics or subjects necessary for success. 

We can cover the breadth of upskilling you need for your digital transformation, from understanding new strategic approaches for improved customer centricity to execution on multi-channel marketing plans.

Why Training?

We know that learning styles are different, dependent on the audience and goals, and that different combinations of delivery methods help lead to the best outcomes. As such our blended offering includes a variety of formats such as our own Anthill Academy eLearnings, workshops, inspirational sessions, train-the-trainer sessions, mentoring and more. We’ll design the right training for you, with you, to ensure that your experience is as impactful as possible for you and your business.

“Ultimately, the tools that we choose for any purpose will only be as useful as our ability to use them effectively and to understand what their improved quality means to the way we approach our work (as well as the challenges that led us to seek out these new tools). You can buy a successively more costly and high-quality series of claw hammers until you’ve reached the top of the line, but until you learn how to use them skillfully, you’re going to keep making ugly bird houses.”
By Merlin Mann

We want your digital tactics or digital transformations to be really impressive bird houses. 

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